A God's Ascension

Ch: 56+
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A God's Ascension

I was transmigrated into the body of a villain? Who the hell wrote this script?! And I even stole someone else's girl? And have a powerful older sister? This script keeps getting worse and worse! And there's even a divine space and ten thousand worlds? I'm definitely dreaming! After steadying himself, Wu Ming faced these new developments and continued on his journey...

Source: Qidian

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PZcolo Sep 1, 2019
Score 7/10

If the first thought of a person after waking up in a strange place is "it looks like I traveled through time" I would seriously doubt his sanity. The story here is of a guy that is... transmigrated? (not really explained) into a classic China setting, nothing new at all, the twist is that there is a system that gives quest and rewards, something like Gantzin Classic China and without the excesive (a... read more


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