A Girl in the Clouds

Ch: 12
4.157 out of 5 from 29 votes
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A Girl in the Clouds

Fairytale encounter the same village, sixteen boys and girls. One, such as one made of a piece of cloth quilt stitch, perfect love story, while not perfect.

Source: MU

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Story A Girl in the Clouds is a short read about a sheltered girl that meets a boy in a time of war. The story itself is not complex or unique but it was enjoyable nonetheless. There are enough components to the story to make it entertaining while we fall in love with the love story that is sure to develop between the main characters. I like the way the author handled issues of prejudice, unfairness in life and the will of wanting to change. What I did not like was the length (I wish this story was longer) and  the lack of creativity with certain things such as the names of the characters (trust me, they are funny!) Other than that I really liked the story for what is worth and I would recommend it to anyone seeking a short love story to read. Art This is by far one of the most stunning graphics I have ever seen. The manhwa as expected is fully colored and offers beautiful landscapes and character designs with great color schemes that just add sweetness to the story.  If the story does not do it for you, the art will. Also, the pet pig is super cute! Character Button’s kind spirit is clear to see from the start. Despite being sheltered in a way, she comes out of her shell through her friendship with her counterpart Soap. In spite of being in the dark about her past and unaware of the world surrounding her, Button shows strength when adversity strikes and a will to change in order to become stronger. I loved her character not only because she is very sweet, but because she has the courage to make tough decisions. As for Soap, I think I like best that he sees things for what they are and not for what he is told. His character is quite mature for his age so character growth is somewhat limited in this aspect. However, the pairing of Button and Soap was great as they complimented each other and shared a strong bond with one another which definitely made for a good story. Overall Great manhwa to read if you are looking for a short read in the romance department. It has amazing art that is definitely worth seeing and the main characters are quite likeable.

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