A Gentle Noble's Vacation Recommendation

Alt title: Odayaka Kizoku no Kyuuka no Susume.

Vol: 8+; Ch: 38+
2018 - ?
3.967 out of 5 from 239 votes
Rank #4,897
A Gentle Noble's Vacation Recommendation

When Lizel finds himself in a city that bears odd similarities to his own but clearly isn't, he quickly comes to terms with the unlikely truth: this is an entirely different world. Even so, laid-back Lizel isn't the type to panic. He immediately sets out to learn more about this strange place, and to help him do so, hires a seasoned adventurer named Gil as his tour guide and protector. Until he's able to find a way home, Lizel figures this is a perfect opportunity to explore a new way of life adventuring as part of a guild. After all, he's sure he'll go home eventually... might as well enjoy the otherworldly vacation for now!

Source: Tokyopop

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A laid-back, warm plot that perfectly mirrors the title. In summary, this is a go-to if you looks for some healing time. For those seeking thrill and action, sadly, I have to say that you won't find anything interesting here. Sometimes vacations are the best to spend relaxing. If you're looking for fantasy without a massive amount of action, it may be one for you. The story follows a mysterious traveller, who despite his obvious noble appearance wants nothing more than to be an adventurer. He befriends a powerful swordsman and starts his "vacation". Nothing more, nothing less. Overall, the plot is mostly slow and relaxing but has moments of tension. Well, as much tension as you can get when all the main characters are quite powerful. But struggling against adversaries isn't what you should expect. You probably won't get all excited about the fighting with bandits or conquering the dungeon - we're not here for that. The characters are taking us on vacations with some pleasant adventures, where readers and characters are safe to enjoy the ride. It seems that the main problem that people speak of is homosexuality. The story is never officially tagged as BL because it is not one. The relationships between characters can be interpreted as romantic but there is never a direct acknowledgement. You won't find any romance in it unless you look for one. All interactions are portrayed as platonic. Personally, being a fan of the romance of any type, I didn't catch all that much of it on my first reading, simply wishing there was more. Only on the second try I noticed the potential of some scenes and lines. As for my friends, some didn't even have a hunch until someone pointed it out. Suma sumarum, it's not a romance unless you want it to be one. On the topic of characters, they are very likeable in that laid-back fashion. They aren't underdogs to sympathize with nor antiheroes made for us to question the morality of the world. The whole main cast is extremely capable in their own specialities, never truely being in danger. But that actually works for the story, as the reader can simply relax and enjoy their adventures. The world is a classic fantasy one, nothing all too revolutionary, maybe aside from the fantasy-to-fantasy isekai accident at the core of the plot. The gentle and beautiful art style helps to bring more life into it despite the genericness.

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