A Fallen Saint's Kiss

Alt title: Ochiru Seija no Seppun

Vol: 1; Ch: 6
3.054 out of 5 from 193 votes
Rank #29,850
A Fallen Saint's Kiss

Arrogant senior Tokiwa is granted a golden opportunity to take advantage of a special someone he’s had his eye on for ages – his smart, unassuming teacher! But will their secret trysts ever grow into a full-fledged relationship? What will it take for a humiliated servant to actually want more from his sadistic, dominating master?

Source: 801 Media

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I'm not into S/M and dominance sexual relationships. Freedom, communication, love and understanding is the thing that makes my motor move, so I do feel I can't extpress and understand the feelings of sadist dominator and its masochist slave. The only thing I can't complain on this manga is the excellent and erotic drawings. Which were made with incredible quality. Pretty recomended if you are into this type of kinks.  So this manga has 3 story, two of them connected about a submissive teacher and his master student, two students in love and a traumatized bully student and his target teacher. The story is not that great, I suppose due to the little time to put 3 stories in one manga. Characters try to be deep but it seems only two or three have a backstory which explains their way of behaving and the little growth they have after their S/M relationships. Close to be cliche,  it wasn't such an intereresting story even with all the variety of sex toys and poses.   Art is gorgeous and the focus on the naked characters is quite exquisite. They can perfectly make you feel whatever both of the characters are feeling, focusing on lust and desire. Very few yaoi mangas have this characteristic and I believe is due to the use of the "liquid" resource. Tears, saliva and semen are the main characters on the story and are only coprotogonized by blushes and the expressions of the characters. Penises are quite nice drawn too, even for the difficulty that is to have a penis in this type of manga. I can't leave too all the sexual poses the artist used this time,which are very well defined.  Still overall the characters are quite exaggerated and dependant or possesive which are my least favorite type of characters... at least they tried to keep their lifes going? Still I suppose they can't be with such a little time, background and growing, mangaka needs to sell and perverts need to see them have kinky S/M Sex. So overall, even if I didn't really enjoyed it, I believe it's a very nice manga for anyone with the S/M school kink. You know, having sexy times with the hot teacher, or the prohibited relationship teacher X student. 

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