A Distant Neighborhood

Alt title: Haruka na Machi e

Vol: 2; Ch: 16
1998 - 1999
4.182 out of 5 from 303 votes
Rank #2,724
A Distant Neighborhood

On the way home from a business trip, 48-year-old Hiroshi Nakahara boards the wrong train and finds himself in the town of his youth. After visiting his mother’s grave, Hiroshi is transported back in time to his fourteen-year-old self – a time when his family was strong and his father hadn’t abandoned them yet. At first he’s thrilled, but soon comes to realize that he isn’t able to return to his wife and children, and must continue living in the past. However, Hiroshi is now left with a life-changing decision – should he try to change the past, without knowing what it will do to his future?

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