A Certain Magical Index SP (Light Novel)

Alt title: Toaru Majutsu no Index SP (Light Novel)

Vol: 1; Ch: 4
3.795 out of 5 from 48 votes
Rank #11,987
A Certain Magical Index SP (Light Novel)

A collection of four short stories and manga from Toaru Majutsu no Index & Toaru Kagaku no Railgun, previously only seen limited release. A single mission is given to Stiyl by the Anglican Church's Necessarius. When Stiyl arrives in Academy City once more, his way is blocked by Theodosia Electra, a fellow member of Necessarius. The reason she is fighting with Stiyl lies with a girl named Patricia Birdway. A battle between magicians over the techniques of the Dvergr from Norse mythology begins.

Source: MU

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