A Business Proposal

Alt titles: Sanae Matseon, The Office Blind Date

Ch: 124
2018 - 2022
4.56 out of 5 from 2,004 votes
Rank #370
A Business Proposal

Ha-ri made a deal—go on one blind date for her BFF and pretend to be a super-vixen to end all of her unwanted marriage set-ups! Unfortunately, instead of easy money, Ha-ri’s got a headache. Her date is Taemu, her company’s hot new CEO, and he’s got his own plans to get his family to back off by marrying whoever shows up on the date. Should Ha-ri accept his proposal to keep playing pretend? Nothing could go wrong with lying about your real identity while dating the boss... right??

Source: Tapas

Includes 22 extra chapters.

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Wow!!! What an amazing read!!! Honestly, I would have to say this was probably my favourite romance manhwa! Let me tell you why I enjoyed it so much! First of all the story. I know some people said that she should have just been honest, but where would be the fun in that? It was the hiding secretly, frantic runaways and careful planning to remain hidden that made the story so enjoyable and funny! Also, this isn't a dramatic and realistic story, it's a rom-com! Which means you have to take some of the things that happen with a grain of salt. I personally found the plot hilarious and I enjoyed every minute of it.  Secondly the art was amazing! It was so good to see the art improving as the story went on, and this art style is one of my personal favourites! The best part of this story however was the characters! The FL was just the right amounts of awkward and adorable. Were there some parts she was slightly annoying? Yes! Was she relateable and funny as heck? Yes! And now for the ML... although he wasn't very nice at the beginning, I really enjoyed seeing his character develop and grow. He was everything a perfect ML is. Swoony? Check. Charismatic? Check. Supportive of the FL? Check. Vulnerable with the FL? Check! Honestly, he was one of my favourite ML ever and that's saying something. I would also like to mention that I loved the secondary characters/their story. Her friend was selfish and rude sometimes, but Secretary Cha *insert heart eyes* was amazing! Overall, I LOVED this manhwa. If you want a funny and romantic read, this is for you! Don't be swayed by bad reviews, give it a go yourself! You might hate it, but you might find a gem of a manhwa!

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