A Business Engagement (Merline LOVELACE)

Alt title: Konyaku Yubiwa ni Tsuita Uso

Vol: 1
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A Business Engagement (Merline LOVELACE)

Sarah, who works in the editorial department of a magazine, has been hiding her royal heritage—her family once ruled a kingdom that no longer exists. One day she’s visited by Devon Hunter, the millionaire chosen as number three in the magazine’s “Top Ten Sexiest Single Males” ranking. But he has something to tell her and it isn’t about magazine business. He claims that her sister has stolen a priceless artifact from his home! But Sarah knows her sister wouldn’t do anything to hurt their family name. In return for not taking this matter to the police, and with her grandmother the grand duchess’s approval, Sarah must now go with him on a business trip to Paris as his fiancée!

Source: Harlequin

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