A Bride's Story

Alt title: Otoyomegatari

Vol: 10+; Ch: 79+
2008 - ?
4.493 out of 5 from 904 votes
Rank #209
A Bride's Story

Amira Hergal is a twenty year old woman who has travelled across the mountains near the Caspian sea in order to wed Karluk Ayhan, a young boy eight years her junior. Despite being far from her own village, Amira is a hard working girl who is eager to please and happily adapting to life in her new home. Now she lives a peaceful life with her new family, from going to meet Karluk’s nomadic uncle and baking bread to amazing the villagers with her archery skills. But when her old family decides to reclaim Amira and have her marry another man who will be more beneficial to the village, it seems her happy life with Karluk could be at an end...

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asiakamar Mar 3, 2016
Score 9/10

Though it may seem weird that the girl's much older than the guy, with the guy being on his early stage of adolesence still. It's not, I assure you. As you read on, you won't feel any of that at all. In fact, their relationship may even be described as something innocent.   I really like how this manga depicted a scene of arranged marriage. Because in a place where arranged marriage is like a natural... read more



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