A Big Shot Actually

Alt title: Yuan Lai Wo Shi Xiu Xian Da Lao

Ch: 412+
2021 - ?
3.903 out of 5 from 571 votes
Rank #7,316
A Big Shot Actually

Li Nianfan transmigrated to an immortal cultivation world as a mortal. Knowing that he could never become a cultivator, he decided to live an ordinary life. But unbeknownst to him, his dog became a mighty Yaoguai king by watching him draw and write; the tree he planted in the backyard became the tree of the world by listening to tunes he played; a passerby he met, who gained enlightenment from the chitchat with him, became a Taoist sage and started a new era...

Source: Qidian

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10/10 DO NOT BELIEVE THE BAD REVIEWS, they are plain biased and il tell you why.  This is a genre built on misunderstanding it is a genre that should not be fixed and is the foundation of the work. It is a unique kind of work that is not limited to following a system given to the mc but is built freely throughout the story.  The misunderstanding is the foundation and should not be fixed throughout the story, it is pure comedy with action and drama. The mc is clueless about what's going on around him and the other people around him misunderstand him. That in itself is what makes this work and should not be fixed, if the mc notices what is around him then the whole genre is thrown in the bin.  People reading works to do with romance, for instance, read it for the romance but if there's no more romance then the work is no longer true to its genre here the genre is a misunderstanding and the mc needs to stay clueless until near the end of the story.  Story: It's great, I love the misunderstanding, the comedy is great, and world-building is awesome just like works like Above Myriads.  Art: It's good not outstandingly beautiful but it's good enough to match the story without either standing out in any good or bad way.  Characters: there's a huge variety of characters with their own stories, development and appearance which is fresh new air.  Translation: it's good, nothing bad so far as of chapter 75.  Overall I say give it a shot you won't regret it and don't believe the bad reviews they are just biased just like how a person who doesn't like romance shouldn't read a romance story and then hate on it for having romance. Here is a misunderstanding genre and shouldn't be hated on for having a misunderstanding story. 

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