A Beast's Love Is Like the Moon

Alt titles: Phases of the Moon, Love of a Beast, Tsuki wa Michikake Kemono no Koi

Vol: 1; Ch: 5
2021 - 2022
3.989 out of 5 from 177 votes
Rank #4,202
A Beast's Love Is Like the Moon

Tired of the fast-paced city life, Izuki has agreed to take care of his uncle's house in the mountains, which are said to be "visited by yokai." Izuki, dismissive of the superstition, goes exploring — only to be attacked by a yokai in the woods. He's saved by a beautiful man named Haku, who claims to be the incarnation of a komainu guardian dog. He pledges himself to Izuki and begs him to be his master. Izuki refuses at first, wanting to return to the city as quickly as possible, but is swayed by Haku's lonely eyes and brings him back to the house. Gradually, he falls into a comfortable rhythm with the pushy but devoted Haku while living under the same roof, and Izuki wonders if he really wants to return to the city as he thought. However, Haku harbors a secret that could put Izuki's life at risk. Will Izuki and Haku come together in the end, or will Haku succumb to the loneliness that he's held at bay for centuries...?

Source: Tokyopop

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Ah, would you look at that, it's yet another heteronormative BL where the self instert mc gets r@ped at the first chapter. But no he apparently "welcomed him in" (while begging him to stop) or some other r@pe apologist BS 😬 The 3rd chapter presented a surprise - Haku suddenly realized he knew all along what consent is. Shock! Wonder how that knowledge evaded him 2 chapters ago. Maybe it just didn't come to mind at the time? Or more like, he gives Izuki basic human respect only once he's in love with him. I find it very repulsive tbh 😬 🤢 --- Izuki is a classic BL uke in the sense that he has very little characteristics/traits besides being "cute" and "kind".  Which wouldn't personally be enough for me to fall so immediately and deeply for someone, but maybe being alone for 200 years does that to you and probably anyone with a pulse was enough for the touch starved Haku at that point. Not very romatic, though 😅. --- Their relationship leaves much to be desired. It's basically all visual and sexual attraction, plus both of them being very lonely.  Their communication still disappoints by the 4th chapter with some "what is it Haku? You seem down" "don't worry about it, it's nothing". The last chapter left me with a feeling like all of this unnecessary drama could've been avoided had they just had a single proper conversation since the day they met. --- The "I've fallen in love with you" would've been a lot more romantic had they known each other for more than like a week and had any deeper interactions. What we're seeing here is a surface level crush that the author calls love.  I really truly hope all these authors who write love this poorly got to experience love in their life and the reason that makes them depict it so flatly is something like the twisted cultural concept of what love is, rather than a lack of personal experience with the thing. --- The art is wonderful, it's probably the main reason why I kept reading it through. P.S. no lube in sight, here on this mountain we rip our way in like men. It's giving Brokeback Mountain sans the spit. Do better, Haku.😮‍💨

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