8th Circle Mage Reborn

Alt title: 8-seokeul Mabeopsaui Hwansaeng

Ch: 160
2020 - 2023
3.478 out of 5 from 1,419 votes
Rank #30,185
8th Circle Mage Reborn

As a powerful 8th circle mage, Henry Morris used his magic for the good of the empire. But when the corrupt king Silver Jackson Edward takes the throne, he beheads Morris on fake treason charges. Moments later, Henry wakes up, but in a new body. Though this body’s owner shares Henry’s name, he is but the lowly, talentless son of a baronet. Set on revenge against the king, Henry enters the treacherous Demon Forest to hone his skills so he can once more wield his powers as an 8th circle mage!

Source: Tapas

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This one of those where you are eager to read the story because it looks interesting at first and then the more you read the more you find issues with it until you can't handle it anymore. Then you drop it. The concept has already been done dozens of times before. Dude dies/gets killed and reincarnate in someone else's body. What made this a bit interesting is that the mc reincarnated in the same era so the people who killed him are still alive and roaming, that gives him purpose. There comes the first problem. A bit spoilery. When MC is about to get killed he is an old man, he is calm and just want it to get over with. He doesn't cry or whine or say something about revenge. He only says in a calm manner "I will never forgive you". And then he dies. So with what was shown before you don't really feel that much empathy towards the mc because we weren't shown any cruel acts done by those who framed him and he seemed okay with it. But as soon as he wakes up in another body his personality takes a 180. He's now haughty and condescending, he beats up people and is hard on revenge as if his life depended on it. In fact he's so pent on it that it becomes an obsession. Why is he is such a hurry knowing that he just reincarnated?  Then the problem of magic. Magic is not properly explained and we don't know how that works. The mc just magic formula his way into OPness without much explanation. He's the mc, he was strong before (or so we're told but he got easily framed by others) so now everything is easy. Weak body? Just meditate for a couple of hours and you have a brand new body. Don't have stamina? Use magic and you are now an experienced fighter. Magic is the answer to everything and this my friends is how not to write a good story. Also the author draws faces without expression, it's a bit creepy.

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