8.1 - Yamada Yuusuke Gekijou

Vol: 2; Ch: 6
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8.1 - Yamada Yuusuke Gekijou

Misa and Tatsuya have been dating for two years, and have come to the amusement park today to ride the rollercoaster. They strap in, ready for a thrilling ride – but little did the pair and others aboard know that they would be forced to play in a sadistic game where they must hang from the safety bar and fall, one by one, until only a single person was left. Who will survive this brutal game, and who is orchestrating it from behind the scenes?

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Krovyu Sep 11, 2015
Score 4/10

First off - this is a one-shot COLLECTION of short high-stakes games. NOT two volumes following the amusement park game. -.-* Get your synopsis right! (It was split into 2 volumes for English release, I was told - it is one volume in Japan)   Most of these shorts are pretty interesting, some very similar to Deadman Wonderland style, and I think they could have branched off more on those. A couple had good... read more



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