7 Nenme no Dou Kyonin

Alt title: 7th Year Housemate

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7 Nenme no Dou Kyonin

Ever since Shino was in grade school he had a crush on Tatsuya, his older brother's friend. Though he's nine years older, Tatsuya has always taken care of Shino and Shino has cared for him secretly. Now, seven years later, Shino is moving in with Tatsuya and finds himself falling in love all over again. But does Tatsuya share his feelings, or just consider him as 'someone's younger brother?'

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chii Nov 20, 2009
Score 7/10

Blossoming boy love. separated for years and back together once more under one roof just waiting for the romance to begin. like your typical shounen-ai is has a few lovely naked "opps" moments that eventually lead to something more that all shounen-ai fans want to see. It's very cute with agnsty males that think about the "he likes me he likes me not" type of stuff but it's still highly... read more



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