7 Billion Needles

Alt title: 70 Oku no Hari

Vol: 4; Ch: 23
2008 - 2010
3.511 out of 5 from 222 votes
Rank #22,298
7 Billion Needles

Hikaru Takabe is an anti-social young girl who wants nothing more than to be left alone. One night, while on a school trip, she goes to the beach when suddenly a meteor falls from the sky killing her instantly. The next thing she knows, Hikaru is sitting in class and believes the event from the beach to be nothing more than a daydream. However, when a mysterious voice begins talking directly into her head it informs her that she really did die that night and in order to revive her, the alien presence, known as Horizon, must always reside inside her. However, Horizon also has another purpose for coming to this world; after chasing a malevolent being known as Maelstrom across the universe, his target - which has the power to destroy all creation - sought sanctuary on Earth. Now Hikaru must help Horizon to find Maelstrom hidden amongst the 7 billion people on earth and kill him before it’s too late.

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I enjoyed this short little read. This was a gem and it's simple artwork and engaging story enticed me so much. There is no last two volumes in print in America so you'll have to go online with scanlations to read. Story: It's not anything too original but man it's so charming and quirky. It might seem like a generic anime manga about This weird alien thing that killed her and remade her and forces her on a journey to fight his opposition, but it's so much more. It's a journey of self discovery and family. It's a journey of cooperation and simply that there are bigger fish to fry.  Art: It's simple but instead of a plain and boring aesthetic it gives off a clean look and the powers that fly around are cool as all hell, Maelstrom able to manipulate its body with blades and reforming its parts and Horizon with this very cool lightning powers and ability to fly. The faces in those large floating masses are really creepy and are well drawn. At some points there is too much "blob" but other than that it was pleasing on my eyes. The moderator looked pretty fucking cool also Characters: As previously stated this is a journey of self discovery and Hikaru is the perfect charcter for it. She's a hikikomori with no friends, no immediate family besides her aunt and uncle and only her headphones to keep her company. Watching her slowly become more open was a gift that I was happy I unwrapped. The lack of actual characters is glaring but the way they developed the main was very solid. all in all a lil old gem i found. I enjoyed it and had fun reading it. It's charming story and simple yet vivid art was fun to look at. A lil simple but a whole lotta fun.

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