66,666 Years: Advent of the Dark Mage

Alt titles: 66666-nyeonmane Hwansaenghan Heungmabeopsa, The Black Mage Who Reincarnated After 66666 Years, The Dark Magician Transmigrates After 66666 Years

Ch: 22+
2021 - ?
4.437 out of 5 from 546 votes
Rank #1,329
66,666 Years: Advent of the Dark Mage

Diablo Volpir, a powerful dark mage, was defeated and sealed away in a battle against the 12 gods. He finally wakes up from his sleep 66,666 years later, however, in the body of a newborn baby, Jamie Welton! 9 years later, with a fraction of power he once held and with the loving family and peaceful environment he is now surrounded by, Jamie plans to exact revenge against the 12 gods that had sealed him away.

Source: Webtoon

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