5 Seconds

Alt titles: Ai no Haekata, Itai no Itai no, Mushuusei no Ohisama, Too

Vol: 1; Ch: 6
3.314 out of 5 from 503 votes
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5 Seconds

Hiiragi Hayato, a male high-school student, has no choice but to submit his body to pleasure, to the stimulations from other people’s sensations. He has an ability involving the body that is too strong to be called a delusion. As he encounters a cat in heat, the stimulation from the cat will...When he sees an av actress, then the pleasure of the actress will also... The pleasure that can be attained within only 5 seconds is a secret only for Hiiragi.

Source: MU

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Let me break this down: First Story - A boy who has a power/curse of copying the people he looks in the eye of more than 5 seconds (hence the name).  He copies them only when they relieve themselves.   Second Story: Incest... Twincest. crossdressing. third story: potential threesome, masochists. there is another story but i just couldn't go on properly after reading the third story. I really enjoyed the first story.  It was adorable, smutty and unique.  The first couple is the first two chapters and an extra at the end.  It is worth the read tbh.  The one star i gave this was because of the amazing story that this first couple has.  Love the uke alot, the premise of this was very very different.  I would 100% reccommend and give it at least 4 stars if it was just for that story but tbh, the other ones ruined the whole manga.  Art is very nice.  At one point, the uke accidentely looks a CAT in the eyes for more than 5 seconds, i will leave it to your imagination for how that turned out. Relationship wise, it doesn;t have much, its a one shot but the smut is nice I skipped the second story because i don't like incest.  Art and characters were nice tho. Third story.  In the comments, everyone was freaking out over this story (chapter 5).  So ofc i had to read it.  IT WAS SO DISTURBING.  Three childhoos friends.  All of them are masochists.  The MC had an abusive childhood but he actuallyy ENJOYED seeing his mother get hurt.  The end of the manga was like the dude saying "dont leave me out".  It showed him as a child, reflecting that he hadn't at all healed.  They all need professional help.  "hurt me too" was what they said.  Smut wasn't that nice, bc there was blood and they were all in bruises.  Very toxic.   I read killing stalking and this, for some reason, disturbed me more.  like wayy more.  AND IM COMPARING IT TO KILLING STALKING.   The last story, i haven't read it because i was mentally shook by the story before but its about high school friends in the future.  One became a porn AV actor, the other was the dude filming him.  Thats all i know.   Summary: First story is actually pretty decent, i reccommend.  I may be making the first story sound like an amazing blessing from heaven.  The story was good, and great smut.  The reason i make this sound like it is the best is because the rest is so bad, that this decent story becomes something godlike. The rest is trash imo. The 3/10 i gave was only for the first story.  I would have given it 0.5 at most for the rest.

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