3x3 Eyes

Alt title: Sazan Eyes

Vol: 40; Ch: 576
1987 - 2002
3.634 out of 5 from 357 votes
Rank #20,167
3x3 Eyes

Yakumo Fujii, the son of an archeologist, is working at a restaurant one day when a strange Chinese girl named Pai enters and asks Yakumo to help her become human. For Pai is the last of a race of three-eyed immortals known as a Sanjiyan Unkara, and after granting Yakumo immortality, he is now charged with protecting her. However, doing so won't be easy; even though Yakumo is now immortal, he still only has the powers of a normal human being. With few clues to follow and plenty of stronger beings on the hunt for Pai's life, will Yakumo succeed at helping Pai become mortal?

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I read this years ago. It's divided in several arcs and I rarely lost my interest. Some situations felt like unnecessary, like the ones made just to see where some old characters were gone. Anyway, I loved all the mystic stuff, the way powers evolved, the sanjiyan's lore and the way Parvati is or isn't the last one. The plot gets more interesting and complex, but it never felt forced. The fights were good. I must confess I was really satisfied seeing Yakumo go from "basic human worth of just Pai" (I say "just Pai" for spoiler reasons) to "hero worth of Parvati". That was a long (looooong) but satisfying development. I was invested also in a lot of the secondary characters, they are a colorful bunch. The author is also skilled in giving you some naked fanservice without getting your attention out of the plot and without feeling something different than a Seinen. It's not gross in that sense. My only complaint is that it didn't happen a lot with the guys. What was gross were some of the monsters or some things happening to people (but I must admit that the "cave your heart" scene was powerful and one of my favourite in the series). There are a lot of strange creatures, from the author's immagination but also from asian different mythologies. If you are into that stuff, this is perfect for you. I think this is worth a re-read, expecially now that my tastes changed a bit an I need to re-value what I loved. My opinion here comes from 2012. Eventually, if I'll have something different to say, I'll just edit this.

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