360° Material

Vol: 8; Ch: 32
2010 - 2012
3.549 out of 5 from 375 votes
Rank #23,790
360° Material

Taki is the cool yet strange guy in Mio's class. She bumps into him at the subway station after school and saves him after he almost gets pushed onto the tracks. The next day, he returns the favor by saving her from an incoming car. This marks the start of Mio's love.

Source: MU

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So this one I really don't care for and even skipped about half of it. I like romances and all but love triangles kind of kill it for me. Especially when that's the main part of the story. That's just me. I don't mind them when it minor. So this review will have some spoilers. Which will be marked before hand. To sum it up, guy who spaces out a lot, seems to be "cold" to others but is smart, and normal girl have a romance. Nobody really associate's with the guy because of how he is seen. Girl saves him one day when he is spaced out. Next day guy saves same girl, boom love happening. I liked this set up then the triangles started to happen. The first triangle (Small spoil) was between main guy and girl, and main guys childhood friend. (Bigger SPOIL) This never really takes off as CF gives up and later seems to say she didn't love him romantically but as someone she wanted to protect. Small spoiler triangle 2 is main guy and girl, then main guys ex girlfriend. BIG Spoiler. This is the triangle I liked. The ex tries to get back with main guy, main guy is a man and just says "nah bruh I got someone better later." Well not exactly like that but you get the gist. Last triangle takes up probably half the chapters and has all the big drama. This one made me skip half the story. (Minor spoil) triangle between main couple and another guy in the class who is pretty popular as well, but dosent choose anyone) this one took half the story and was just so drawn out that it looked it for me. The art was pretty good. Normal shojo style which I dig. The characters had some food development as well making it easier to understand each ones personality. If you are a fan of stories with long drawn out love triangles set in the high school days. Give it a read.

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