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3 Hearts

Thief Gintonic seeks the mysterious treasures known as "The Three Hearts". One night a mysterious woman falls from the sky claiming to be an escaped Princess from a sacked castle. As fate would have it, she has one of The Hearts. But is she really who she says she is? And will Gintonic let her live to fulfill her mission?

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Gintonic is a thief who flies around with a crew in a zeppelin. Rasgoza is a girl who has fallen into said zeppelin while carrying one of the three most precious gems in the world (which are called "the three hearts")--something Gintonic is obviously interested in thieving. There are some discussions about fate and the positions people are born into (such as being born into royalty or being born into a thieverizing family). These two characters get into close physical proximity to each other quite a few times. Scenes which are clearly intended to get our romance-lovin' blood pumpin'. Oh yea, and the girl is being chased by people who are wearing eye-masks for no fucking reason. After the plot twist, it becomes apparent that it makes no sense for these people to be wearing these eye-masks. And the fact that they did wear them just goes to show that the author is a crappy writer, who built the entire story around setting up a plot twist as though a twist at the end is the height of good writing. Plot twists are only impressive if the author didn't have to contort things beforehand in order to create that moment of surprise, if it flowed naturally. And a plot twist should never be the core of a story (with the entertainment value hinging on it), but should instead be a poetic way to wrap up a plot that could've already been solid even without it. The faces are drawn badly when drawn from a distance or from certain angles or in the silly chibi forms. It's also dumb the way they try to make the mouths and eyes look attractive, by making them half-open or extra-glimmery. And Gintonic's hairstyle is...ambitious, and ends up just looking weird most of the time.

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