29-sai Dokushin wa Isekai de Jiyuu ni Ikita......katta.

Alt title: 29-Years-Old Bachelor Was… Brought to a Different World to Live Freely

Vol: 6+; Ch: 35+
2019 - ?
3.542 out of 5 from 553 votes
Rank #26,367
29-sai Dokushin wa Isekai de Jiyuu ni Ikita......katta.

Taichi Mitsuba is a 29-year-old bachelor who, when faced by life's hardships, chooses to instead escape into the immersive worlds of fantasy light novels and video games. He longs to live in a such a luscious far-away land with swords, sorcerers and special skills - as long as it's on Very Easy difficulty, of course. One day, as the thought crosses his mind, he suddenly falls unconscious and comes to in the fantasy world of his dreams! Armed with a cheat ability and newfound confidence, he's ready to live the easy life... until the gorgeous female adventurer Marl asks him out and earns him the ire of every man in town. Wait, how is this Very Easy mode?! This fantasy life isn't easy at all!!

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