2.5 Jigen no Ririsa

Alt title: 2.5 Dimensional Seduction

Vol: 9+; Ch: 77+
2019 - ?
3.872 out of 5 from 103 votes
Rank #12,536
2.5 Jigen no Ririsa

“I have no interest in real girls!” So claims Okumura, the president of the school’s manga club. He’s your typical otaku, obsessed with a sexy (fictional) 2D manga character known as Lilliel. Then the new school year starts, and a (real!) 3D girl named Lilysa whose passion is cosplay joins the club. Lilysa convinces Okumura to become her photographer–and guess who her favorite manga character is? Not only that, but Lilysa is into modeling the fetishy stuff! 

Source: Seven Seas

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*currently there are 26 chapters out* What is exactly 2.5 jigen no ririsa (the synopsis is quite light). You have MC (big otaku fan of waifu : liliel). A girl will join his useless manga "research" club and this girl is almost like liliel + this girl is also fan of liliel and manga. She loves to cosplay especially liliel's cosplay. You will have during the 25 chapters that I have read a mix between chapters focused on the girl(s) trying cosplays and some more serious chapters where main characters will do real cosplay contest etc... because the girl wants to become pro in cosplay. This manga is quite more serious than the synopsis says. You will have the MC (he will be the photgrapher and will learn how to take good pictures) and the main girl who will cosplay. Both obviously want to step up in the cosplay game. This is obviously a rom/com and will have the cliche childhood friend (the most known girl of the highschool who is also an idol) who will also join the club because she's in love with MC for no particular good reason (it's a cliche I said it). The main girl seems to notice quickly that she's in love with MC after they both played and worked hard together. The MC is quite tense, when he seems to fall in love with the main girl, he persuades himself that it's just because she is like liliel and that he only likes liliel but it seems to improve thgroughout the story especially when both MCs do something serious like a cosplay contest. I cant say it now but the manga seems to have a progression in the romace plot (it doesnt seem to be the cliche shounen where both MCs are tense and wont ever admit that they're in love with each other even in 500 chapters). When the story is not serious, you will have chapters focused on cute cosplay moments with gorgeous drawings for the girls. Girls will take some daring positions to be photographed (they're not particularly slut just quite naive it seems, do not forget it's a shounen half made for the fanservice with the girls) The story is not a jewel but it has potential and it's readable. Characters are not bad at all and i believe that both MC have great potential especially with the romance plot if the author does not fall in the trap to strech everything during 100 chapters or more without anything happening. MC is quite cliche but he will do everything to help the girl accomplish her dream; understand by this that MC is not a cuck that helps a girl by freewill, he's very important too even if he's not as public as the cosplayer. It's a team and the girl cant do anything without him in particular. Girl is surprisingly refreshing without being a hit. She's enjoyable and very hard working. She's also kind and a little bit shy. I really appreciate her. The childhood friend is only there to make more fanservice during school club's time. I think if you are interested in romance or cosplay, you need to give it a try.

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