24 Jikan Kiss Dekinai

Vol: 1; Ch: 3
3.225 out of 5 from 207 votes
Rank #11,558
24 Jikan Kiss Dekinai

A math teacher who has an intense relationship with the problem student, Kikusui Kiyoya. Even though they were a couple in love, one day, Sensei suddenly wants to break up...?

Source: MU

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SensouJoshi Jan 31, 2019
Score 6/10

This manga is kind of ... meh. Firstly, I went into it with a bias: a teacher sleeping with his middle-school-aged student??? Reprehensible IRL, in manga though, I guess I can tolerate it enough to finish the story. Secondly, the artwork isn't really my thing. The main couple is pretty in an adrogenous way, the uke of course being the prettier of the two, but with odd kind of lanky bodies and unflattering... read more

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