24-Hour Kiss

Alt title: 24-jikan Ochi nai Kiss

Vol: 2; Ch: 11
2017 - 2020
4.065 out of 5 from 174 votes
Rank #8,570
24-Hour Kiss

A scandalous office romance about a cool young designer and a moderately annoying businessman! At this cosmetics company, the entire design division shares a common problem, and that problem is Takumi Tokura. A manager with a history in sales and a penchant for sports festivals and living the dream, Mr. Tokura unknowingly pushes impossible tasks on the design team while spewing idealisms at company parties... In reaction, Ryo Takizawa falls deeper and deeper into a quiet rage. That anger comes to a head after the party when Mr. Tokura announces a mandatory trip to a brothel for all the male employees. Ryo stubbornly tries to go home, but his superior tries to act like a life coach and yells that "sex is important!" This situation leads to a surprising twist! "If you're so insistent, please teach me." This superior and his subordinate mix together like oil and water, but neither can go back once they open the door to new pleasures...!

Source: Renta!

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