20th Century Boys

Alt title: 20 Seiki Shounen

Vol: 22; Ch: 249
1999 - 2006
4.584 out of 5 from 2,234 votes
Rank #39
20th Century Boys

The world is never quite the same once we grow up. Villains and robots that once ran rampant in our imaginations are reduced to drawings in Manga, and our lives are distilled until there is little left but the daily grind; so it has been for Kenji. After a childhood of dreams he now runs his late father's liquor store and is raising his sister's child. The memories and friends from his early years bring him some happiness, but they become tainted as a string of murders find connections to his past. Kenji and his friends must now fight to save the future from their past and unravel the mystery of "Friend."

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Szwagier's avatar
Szwagier Oct 13, 2009
Score 10/10

There are some mangas that have completely no appeal in it's outer appearance. You look at the cover and think "Ugh how ugly". You read the description and think "Sounds boring". There isn't a single thing that may convince you to try this title out. And then some small event changes your mind - maybe a friend recommend it to you. Or you notice the author is the same guy who wrote another... read more

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Thrawn May 5, 2013
Score 9.5/10

Story: Naoki Urasawa's name on the cover is a seal of quality. You know the series you're about to read is some of the best in the genre, if not the entire damn medium. He's just that good, and 20th Century Boys is no different. A tale of heroism and heroics, childhood dreams and growing up, good vs evil and confrontation, it spans a nice set of volumes and with detail, loads of dialogue and for here, the... read more

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