18-sai no Kodou

Vol: 1; Ch: 3
2.983 out of 5 from 63 votes
Rank #20,244
18-sai no Kodou

Rui will be a model, and Tougo will be a painter - the two young childhood friends dream about their future. When Rui's father dies when she is 17, she goes to Tokyo, to fulfill her dreams - and meets a handsome make-up artist and...!

Source: MU

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This is utter garbage. I know very few manga worse than this one. It's about how A stupid girl who thinks she's an adult decided to follow her dream by dropping out of high school and going to the big city to try to be a model and her mom just allows this stuff. Not  even a word of disapproval or an argument for staying in school. What a lousy mother.  She rejects the guy she made a important childhood promice with in exchange for a "mature" big city guy... a guy who's so "mature" that he's actually two timing someone else with her and doesn't take responsibility when she gets pregnant. So the guy she was such a bitch to ends up with her instead... what a prize she is.(Sarcasm). Everything in this story is cringe worthy. The art which is this horrible manga's best attribute, is below average. It's got a few pages where the art is decent but most of it is pretty bad. The characters are stupid and horrible. The only character who would deserve a good score is the boy Tougo (male main character). At least he's consistent. He wanted to be an artist and became what he wanted and did so by his own merit and in a positive way without sleeping around for it or immaturely ruining things for it. His taste in women leaves much to be desired obviously but that's all thats wrong with him. The rest of the characters though from the main female character to her mother are all extremely difficult to read about and horrible. So I gave it a 1.5. Without Tougo though It would be rated 0. Overall I'd say this manga will be difficult for people to get into and I couldn't in good conscience suggest it to anyone. Not even my worst enemy.

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