17-sai. (Youji KAMATA)

Vol: 4; Ch: 35
2004 - 2005
3.282 out of 5 from 133 votes
Rank #33,844
17-sai. (Youji KAMATA)

In the beginning, high school boys Hiroki and his friend Takashi are rescued from bullying by a notorious gangster, Miyamoto. At first, they are thrilled to be under his protection, and cheerfully run off anyone who threatens them with the mere mention of Miyamoto's name. Soon, they learn that there is a lot more to being in Miyamoto's gang than just being protected. In return, they're expected to offer loyalty and obedience, or face possibly deadly consequences. This becomes harder as the violence and the crimes they find themselves committing begins to escalate. One night, they kidnap a high school girl, Sachiko. Now Hiroki has two battles to face. Internally, he faces the dissonance between his sense of self-preservation and his conscience. Externally, Sachiko's twin sister Miki, who goes to Hiroki's high school, her parents and the police are searching for the missing girl. Will Sachiko ever return home? What kind of person--or monster--will Hiroki become?

Source: MU

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Rape is a horrifying and horrifyingly common thing, it's (as far as I know) how I was born and all. The effects of psychological abuse (loss of self esteem, lasting trauma and a loss of trust in other people) are the same for the most part (I know this as I have suffered psychological abuse) and taking all of this into account I'm almost ashamed to be a man,almost,I refuse to accept any guilt for what I haven't done and what I genuinely think deserves a 90 year prison sentence, it scars someone for life so the criminal should go to jail for the rest of theirs. The feminists like to think that every man is a potential rapist but they never qualify this with "possible is not probable" so one can only assume that these people would really stoop so low as to tar about half of humanity with the rape feather to further their agenda which they claim is about equality but having acheived equality in almost everything except equal pay what they mean is abortion, divorce and the ruining of the male sex's reputation to get them. Just from reading the synopsis of this manga I knew it was a fictionalised rape, torture and murder of Junko Furuta, one of the most horrifying tales I have ever came across. I knew this manga wouldn't be a cheerful one to say the least but with 1 of the 4 volumes read I just had to get my thoughts out there even if only 1 other person besides myself ever reads this post. Edit: Luckily the girl survived and time is a great healer. We don't know what will happen with the culprits though.

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