13 Game

Vol: 1
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13 Game

On his seventeenth birthday, Amamiya Kota was going to ask his classmate Misora Hiyori out. Tragically, he dies in a car accident but is given a second chance back in the living world on borrowed time. He gets entered into a competition called the 13 Game where other people like Kota who were supposed to die return back to the world and given an option: locate and kill 13 other players or suffer the fate of death.

Source: MU

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PharuanUndearth Nov 23, 2017
Score 7.5/10

So 90 pages and two chapters(65+25). It was a very beginning, the premises was good with nice base characters. It is a shame that there's no more, I'm sure someone has more like the artist but we'll never read it, and I doubt it'll see the light of day. Worth one read for everyone it's not long and it'll keep your attention. This one has only a volume which mean dick on pages it's like 3-4 chapters long and... read more



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