1/2 Prince

Alt title: Half Prince

Vol: 16; Ch: 80
2004 - 2014
4.282 out of 5 from 2,272 votes
Rank #1,277
1/2 Prince

It is the year 2100 A.D., and humans have developed a virtual reality game with a realism level of 99%. Feng Lan, due to a bet with her twin brother, vows to succeed in playing the game without using her "female benefits." Due to this, she becomes the first and only female to play as a male character in "Second Life." As her infamy rises as a bloodthirsty warrior, can she keep her identity a secret from her real life acquaintances whom she has beaten up?

Source: MU

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xPoro's avatar
xPoro Oct 4, 2015
Score 9.8/10

1/2 Prince gives out an interesting plot about a girl named Feng Lan (16yr old) who plays Second Life (A Virtual Reality Game). She plays as a male elf (and keeps it a secret from everyone that she's a girl in reality), capturing female's hearts unwillingly *cough* ...Anyway, she creates a team called Odd Squad (Yes, that is also the name of the translator group who translated all of 1/2... read more

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Shanalogic Jun 24, 2012
Score 10/10

There is a new virtual reality game, meaning you are in your game, somewhere in the future called 'Second Life'. A college girl, Feng Xiao Lan (and her twin brother), start to play and Feng Lan is the first one to log on so she got to be a male character and a bishie (the only tranny in game) and every girl falls in love w/ 'him' at sight ;D She even got her name to be Prince... yadayadayada... She meets... read more

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