Vol: 3; Ch: 14
2019 - 2020
3.743 out of 5 from 175 votes
Rank #15,665

A boy and a girl who are childhood friends fell in love with the same guy.

Source: MU

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STORY (9/10) "A boy and a girl who are childhood friends fell in love with the same guy." A delicate and unique story about friendship. Two childhood friends, one is sickly. But then, they meet a charismatic and bright boy. They end up catching feelings for him. Throughout the story, we see relationships being tested and obstacles being overcome, whether with someone or internally. The ending was not what I would have intially wanted, but the story was such a journey, that I actually loved the way it ended. Though somewhat painful, it is a fitting ending.  This highlights the often overlooked beauty of friendships. I really enjoyed this, and dare I call it a masterpiece. It really stresses the importance of adapting to change, in whatever form it will be, to conserve a meaningful relationship. I enjoy how the story focuses on a whole range of things, to name a few: self improvement, moving on for the better, appreciating what you have and how people can change one another for the better. ART (8/10) Art was nice, but not something that is note worthy really.  I can easily tell which characters are which, which is enough for me. Though in black and white, it still conveys the story successfully. Consistant art that doesn't have any issues in terms of body proportions and whatnot. Tension was built through the panelling. I liked how the two male leads looked like opposites. The sickly boy matches with his personality in the sense that he is gloomy, so his hair and eyes are black. While, the one usually presented as the happy/positive one has a much lighter colour palette, even his eyelashes match the light shades alongside eyes and hair. CHARACTERS (10/10) If there was a main character out of the three friends, it would no doubt be the sickly childhood friend boy. His gloomy and, often, anti social behaviour stems from an isolated enviroment due to being too sick to attend school regularely, which prevented him from building any friendships, except for only one girl. His character was frustrating at one point, but the gradual character growth in him is amazing. He starts appreciating what he has got, instead of only focusing on what is lacking, he changes to a more 'willing to take a risk' sort of person. I will only comment on him detailed since he is the 'main character' in my view, but there are plenty of others who are beautifully written.  OVERALL (9/10) I definately reccommend this, but your mindset has to be.. flexible? for lack of better word. You probably will not enjoy it if you don't read this with an open mind, appreciating the story as it is, instead of pushing a wish for how it will turn out. It has been great and words cannot express how glad I am to have stumbled upon it!

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