100-manen no Onna-tachi

Alt title: Women of a Million Yen

Vol: 4; Ch: 39
2015 - 2016
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100-manen no Onna-tachi

Michima Shin is an author who's books don't sell and who's father is a murderer guilty of killing Shin's mother and two others. One day he comes home to find a woman sitting in his house. It turns out that she received a letter inviting her to live in his home and pay a rent of 1,000,000 yen every month. In exchange he is not to inquire about her private life and not to enter her room. He's also to fix meals and run errands for her. The only thing is, Shin isn't the one that sent the invitation. Soon four other woman show up under the same circumstances. How can they afford the arrangement and why would they agree to such an invitation? And just who is behind the entire scheme?

Source: MU

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