100 Days in Europe

Ch: 71
2013 - 2014
3.996 out of 5 from 110 votes
Rank #3,958
100 Days in Europe

Gia meets Hayden on a train to Prague, the fateful stop that marks the start of their 100 days journey of a fairytale romance in Europe.

Source: Tapas

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Omg this was such a wonderful romantic story I've ever read in 2020. Hayden and Gia from since they first met in Prague, REALLY DESERVED each other. It goes to show that none of us should be basing on an individuals look first, but how they are shown as a person themselves. I liked how Jihyo Kim put in wee facts on the locations they visited, it keeps the reading experience feel more like the readers are tourists themselves in these areas (even if we are all in lockdown right now).As well regarding food shown in this manhwa, I really was fascinated to understand that there's deserts out there called "Caramel Eiffel Tower" and "Cannoli". Seriously this friggin manhwa is making me hungry dude and I already had dinner an hour ago haha.Also besides the main characters being likeable, I thought the only person that I liked on the trip was Sunni. She's potentially best girl but I really wish she was thought of more in terms of background on why she was travelling . I know she said she's getting away from somebody but it wasn't really clear for me as to shes referring to? Another thing I hated about this manhwa, stereotypical Hayden obsessed b*ches. I can't tell you how much I hated Jane as well as the others who think they can forcefully make Hayden fall in love with any of them and try to put off Gia just because she's a plain Jane (pun intended but a better Jane).HOWEVER this manhwa really captured my heart this year. It was just so sweet and honestly felt I was on cloud 9. I normally don't write long ass reviews like this but 100 days in Europe deserves its huge credit so much from me.I am thrilled we got a satisfying ending.  Honestly when you're down, this will pick you right back up. You won't regret reading it! 9/10

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