100 Days Dream

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100 Days Dream

A young girl has learned to fly, moving from place to place and meeting interesting things. First she observes a bird and chats with it, after which she communicates with a solemn tree that is rooted in the ground, unable to have the freedom that she has found. But ultimately, the girl will have to return from whence she came...

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I once had a dream where I confessed to the girl I had a crush on and she reciprocated my feelings. When I woke up and was faced with the reality of none of that having happened, I literally cried. But notice how you probably don't care in the slightest about my dream? That's normal. Sometimes, you might care about your own dreams, but hearing about somebody else's dreams isn't very engaging. Likewise, a comic relaying somebody's dream isn't an interesting story. And if somebody says "I didn't want to wake up" (as this manhwa character does), all that tells you is that they have a pessimistic and escapist attitude about their life. And while it's true that depression and self-pity are tragic, it's not as though the mere existence of a depressed person is enough to make a story a good Tragedy. You need more to make an interesting plotline. You can't just say "hey, depression exists" or "hey, self-pity exists" and expect that to entertain people. And that's what it feels like this manhwa is doing. The best thing this manhwa could be said to have going for it is that all the in-dream encounters are related to the main character's yearning for freedom, but the encounters don't progress the plot forward or lead to the character having an epiphany or anything--they're just there--so I can't give this aspect much credit. Also, the character's eyes remind me of a snake or reptile eyeing their prey. And the upper lip looks weird. It's largely this badly drawn face which led me to rate the Art so low.

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