10 Years in the Friend Zone

Alt title: 10-nyeonjjae Chaineun Sokkupchingu

Ch: 84
2018 - 2019
3.604 out of 5 from 178 votes
Rank #20,022
10 Years in the Friend Zone

Generally, when a person gets rejected after admitting their feelings to someone, the rejected will try to move on. They certainly don’t stay friends... Unless you’re Shiho and Yul. The two were born on the same day and have been attending the same schools for the past ten years. They’ve also been playing a little game where Shiho confesses his feelings for Yul, and Yul tells him to try harder. The result? Shiho’s become a perfect student, and all the girls at school like him. But now the two have started high school together and it seems like the little “game” they’ve been playing might have more players. The rules are changing quickly – is it too late for anything more to develop between Shiho and Yul?

Source: Lezhin

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I can't say that I hate this manhwa, but I was actually waiting for a bigger and a longer story in general. The fact that they just jumped to college right away and started dating without any explanation or anything, is actually pissing me off. I mean, also the love story between Eunwoo and Yong could be in the side completed, or a new couple of Eunwoo and  Hangyeol. Also, there are a lot of things about Hangyeol that are still very confusing and unexplained. It was also boring because, it seems like there are a lot of chapters, but they all can be read in just two minutes. I mean the chapters are short, which makes the whole story really short in general. There's no details that I personally would love in a manhwa, there's no other story that in the end they just are finally dating in college. Also, the story of Yeoni and Jay could be a bit more detailed too. I like thecharacters tho, but Yul is too much. Why is she so ashamed when he asks her out? Okey, he asks you out in front of everyone a lot, but there are the 'sometimes' when he does it directly. It pisses me off how he already knows her feeling about him, and it couldn't be more obvious, but she still rejects him? And for what? In that case, the author could make the story a bit more interestning and longtaking in figuring everything out. It all seems like there wasn't much effort in the story. Yeah, it's a good short read, but not as good as I thought. There's no excitement that I was waiting for, everything in the story seems too straightforward and obvious. 

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