1 Ii ne de Skirt ga 0.1mm Mijikakunaru Jimi na Onnanoko Matome - Reviews

Alt title: This Plain Girl's Skirt Will Shrink by 0.1mm for Every Like

1 Ii ne de Skirt ga 0.1mm Mijikakunaru Jimi na Onnanoko Matome
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Jan 31, 2021

I assume that the author released this as a self-promotional gimmick, with the images actually being released when fe received a certain number of Likes on the initial post. As the title suggests, the skirt that Plainy (as the character's called) is wearing incrementally shortens in each image. By "chapter" four, fe no longer even has a skirt at all and other stuff starts happening. Here's the thing: the concept of the author interacting and messing with the characters inside the comic--and them being aware of what's happening, but not knowing how it's happening--could actually be a really neat concept with some cool ecchi possibilities, but the author completely ruins it by having the characters just standing still. That instantly kills any possibility of actual humor or drama, or honestly any sort of development. It even makes the ecchiness less interesting, 'cause they start to feel like mannequins (blushing mannequins, but still).

The art is bad. The images are obviously either copy-and-pasted or traced over with only small adjustments made. Like, the author didn't even try to make the sucker look like it wasn't just tacked on after the fact. The blushlines aren't well done. The boobs protrude straight out as though gravity doesn't exist, which makes the shirts look uncomfortably small. The way the panties are drawn makes the crotchal area look awkward for some reason...maybe too flat?

1/10 story
1/10 art
1/10 characters
1/10 overall