Vol: 1; Ch: 11
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Growing up a target of bullying, a senior high student, Shiroishi Hajime, is a skilled karateka, but goes completely weak at the knees with fear when it comes to fighting. Among all this, a power junkie and classmate of Ichi who does nothing but fighting, Akakuma Dai, sets his eyes on Ichi!! When Ichi starts to shed tears, all of a sudden a violent impulse that resided inside him is unleashed!!!!

Source: MU

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KR999 Mar 27, 2016
Score 4/10

Ichi the Killer holds a special place in my heart for being perhaps the first seinen or 'adult' manga that I remember reading and enjoying for its outlandish characters; over-the-top violence; and exploration of extreme sadomasochism. Such was my teenage enthusiasm that I bought the live-action movie directed by Miike Takeshi which is shoddy in the strict definition of adaptation but is still... read more

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