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Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by RascaI, Feb 8, 2019.

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    Posted by 1x100 on Nov 26, 2019
    Trying to compile a list, i realized my time watching youtubers is really diminished in months, and one of the main reasons is that i became mostly sick of the angry reviewer style that went popular since the previous decade (yes, more on that later...) To avoid an endless wall of text, i'll divide the post for topics.

    i discovered Rocked and Todd In The Shadows because of some awful channel they luckily parted ways with. I definitely don't always agree with both, and i hardly ever watched the latter's modern pop songs reviews because i don't like the genre, but Regretting The Past, One Hit Wonderland and Trainwreckords has been most of the time interesting. About the former, it was a unexpected good surprise that he considers the only New Radicals album one of his favorites ever, i own it too and never skip a single song. More recently, i started watching Artv, up to now he really seems a likable person even when giving negative comments, and he seems to have a musical taste not so different from mine.

    There was a time when i was happy for having Epic Rap Battles Of History and some (Darth Vader vs hitler trilogy of course, or Blackbeard vs Al Capone) are still unforgettable, but also think they dropped in quality over time and made some painfully biased pairings in themselves or about insanely popular tv shows or periods of the year. Yes, looking at you, adam vs eve and the christmas carol themed one, which i think is overrated as hell and there was already a previous one the year before about that dreadful season. Well, at least the president portrayed by Epic Lloyd was a great improvement over the one played by Nice Peter. Still, i know they're back and should decide if pick up the series again, because i stopped after the second round between the two creators in 2017.

    I also like the Unusual Suspect videos with tunes "sang" by brief movies clips, because it's entertaining to guess how many i can recognize

    i should see the two latest AVGN episodes as i did for all the previous ones, in my opinion they aren't any more as strong as the classic ones but it's understandable considering that he's around since 2004. The best eps to me are Virtual Boy, NES Accessories, Game Glitches, Big Rigs and Hong Kong '97. I also had fun with several Board James and You Know What's Bullshit? videos, but another amazing work by James Rolfe is the one where he and his friends taste some really questionable toppings for pizza invented in the original TMNT cartoon. Other names? Caddicarus starting with 2017 (easy, because we absolutely love Oddworld's Abe games), and the dark humor of Dorkly since 2014 even if it's not only videogames related. "Teenage Teenage Teenage Turtles"... hilarious. As most of the Pokemon Ralphie and Rusty series.

    Movies and miscellaneous
    Encountered Honest Games Trailers even before the ones for movies, and my opinion is mixed. But since a couple of years i think Honest Trailers are improved since they fired the creator, even if i don't watch all of them because there are film genres or tv shows i'm really not interested in. Can't remember when i met College Humor, surely watched them less than HT or Dorkly, but the Roast of Super Mario and the series about the person doing the agent/publicist for Nicholas Cage, kanye west, scarlett johansson and chris brown is amazing.

    I got bored kinda fast with Cinemasins (both films and music videos) as i really don't like his attitude. Even when i tried months later the unsubscription to watch some random video of his about movies/songs i hate, i still turned them off in minutes because he was unsufferable in my opinion even when i agreed, or surprisingly wasn't harsh enough as with that bad Earth song by Lil'Dicky. I prefer CinemaWins, by a wide margin. I don't even remember the last video i watched by him because he's in a really long strike of praising movies i don't care about, but i stay subscribed waiting patiently because there's a need for more positivity and he's the right person for what i saw in his early work. I loved the winning videos for Star Wars I-II-III, even more because it's brave to go on the internet and dare to ... not even like, but NOT HATE that trilogy (yes, i like them too, a lot).

    Ok... i have an immense regret. I watched nostalgia critic for about four years. I should have not clicked on that damn Space Jam video review. I thought it was the new funniest thing ever after binge watching Cartoon All Stars To The Rescue, Batman & Robin, Neverending Story 3 and others, plus i noticed he loved TMNT and hated moulin rouge just like me. For months and months most of his videos were pretty good, even if more and more little awkward moments started appearing about he and his brother. The longer skits weren't always needed, those two supporting actors were almost always unfunny, he started complaining way too much about 90% of CGI in any kind of movie, made repetitive jokes about Pokemon or the Star Wars prequels even when they didn't have anything to do in common with the review.
    And i won't forget those AWFUL clipless reviews, biased even more than usual and forced to the audience in a way that seemed a retort because of that demo reel flop. Or that OBNOXIOUS fetish for christmas season, because fetish is the right word. I skipped those skits even when i still liked him.
    Three videos about his critical research failures? There's material to have way more than just three videos, to a point that i asked myself: "Does he play with the cell phone in theaters or in front of the dvd player, instead of paying attention to the plot?"
    By 2017 i still was watching out of force of habit, even if i deep inside knew he was getting worse and worse, to a point where he changed the focus of the show to a pre-teen audience that is easier to manipulate, won't question his lack of research for movie reviews, and is more likely to blindly defend him and his staff no matter what (what kind of idiot character is "bill"? Is this the respect he has for the people who click on his videos?) I finally stopped watching after the first month of 2018, a little time before #changethechannel . Then, you could imagine that i wasn't very surprised by all the horrible discoveries about the two brothers' behind the scenes. It is infuriating how they pulled a karma houdini, can't even look at their disgusting hypocrite faces any more (and i include brad jones too, overrated even as a reviewer), and even if i stopped looking for updates on channel awful situation since a long time, i somehow discovered that a parody album of theirs by Pink Floyd is now the worst reviewed piece of music ever on Rateyourmusic, i laughed at the rightfully insulting comments direct at them, but it's still not enough.

    I'll just end this rant with two more quotes: in real life, the bad guy wins, and "you're a rotten dirty bastard" is the most meta youtube video ever, to a point that even Deadpool would be jealous. I remember it, because they don't want to.
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    Started watching ralphthemoviemaker a few months ago (I know, I'm living under a rock) and the dude is pretty funny even though I don't necessarily agree with him on everything. His Lifetime Movies review was especially awesome and so was the Mystery Diners one (RELEASE THE DRONE).

    Fairly recently his review of Scorch's PFG-TV (also great) led me to the Opie & Anthony stuff where they would basically deconstruct entire Scorch episodes on their radio show with Jim Norton. Hilarious shit that started my obsession with their other videos. Favourites include the racial outburst of Michael Richards at the Laugh Factory, his apology on David Letterman and the Star Wars Holiday Special.
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    Posted by Guest on Jan 19, 2020
    Currently my list of regulars are:

    Matt D'Avella (lifestyle, minimalism, self improvement, filmaker)
    Nathaniel Drew (lifestyle, self improvement, photographer)
    The Minimalists (minimalism, self improvemment, documentary-makers)
    Eric Weinstein (podcast, intellectualism, society)

    I highly recommend giving them a watch if you're into the topics bracketed :)
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    The Channel Awesome days are long, long gone with #changethechannel and whatnot but dammit if it isn't still enjoyable to watch some old reviews of Linkara, Phelous or Spoony. Reminds me of when the internet was still an exciting place.
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    I found a cute thing.
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    Posted by Vega on Apr 24, 2020

    This is one of the very few Youtubers I actually like, and he did a video on the infamous Windows ME today!
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    I usually use YouTube for stuff I'm interested in, mostly music videos, clips/interviews and some tutorials. But I have found I come back to a select few individuals on the regular:

    Diane Jennings (light hearted cultural observations usually Irish and American. She now does drunk cooking videos, sweet Jesus! XD)
    Clisare (Irish madness)
    The TRY channel (Irish comedy and weirdness, gas craic altogether, less so apart)
    Foil Arms and Hog (Irish comedy sketches, feckin' on point)
    Rachel and Jun and their related channels (Japanese stuff and Japanese cooking)
    Wow Art (Amazing painting tutorials)
    Oh and Tiny Tim Adventures (Hilarious prank calls in a childs voice)

    Half the time I watch recommended shtuff, like it and then forget them sadly :/
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    David Lynch made a Youtube channel so he can give a weather report for LA every day. It's adorable.

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    Posted by Gens on May 21, 2020
    I'm going to watch this every day of my life from now on.

    Also, I will never stop wishing my hair was as great as his.
  10. ZetsubouKaiji

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    I never thought I could care this much about the weather in LA. When Lynch tells me to have a great day, I feel compelled to do so.
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    I never knew how much I needed to watch David Lynch fix his sink.
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    I'm hooked on this BioGraphics channel. Like I'm actually learning stuff. Like how Patton Oswalt's wife helped catch a serial killer with a tiny ding-dong.

    Or how Britain had like the world's hardest to kill soldier.
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    Life of Boris is great, just a Slavic dude doing hilarious Slavic things. Sometimes he plays games, sometimes he (tries) to teach languages, sometimes he cooks! He’s great cause under all the stereotype and jokes, he really is a man who cares deeply for his culture
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    I follow him too. Found him when someone on Tumblr posted a clip of him pronouncing US states. Been a follower ever since.
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    Posted by Gens on Jun 3, 2020
    In one of the weather videos, he isn't even there. I never laughed so hard, but it's totally a thing he would do to confuse people.
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    I think he did that for Blackout Tuesday because in the next one he has a sign in the background.

    I think it's a pretty classy way of showing support.
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    My new favorite Youtube personality decided to release a previously hard to find piece of weirdness he directed years ago for free. Enjoy the first part of this eerie sitcom parody if you're a fan of his work.

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    Posted by Gens on Jun 10, 2020
    I now feel like doing a lynch marathon starting with his shorts, maybe even watch Dune too and see what I think of it.
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    Lynch's Dune is an experience. It's what happens when a full blown war between an auteur and the studio happens. The conflicting impulses of the two sides can be seen all over the movie. It's bad, but entertaining in spurts. Lynch was trying to make his own thing inspired by the novel. The studio just wanted another Star Wars. Dune and Lynch were never meant to be Star Wars.

    And yes, I know I irony there is Lynch was supposed to direct Return of the Jedi.
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  20. ZetsubouKaiji

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    David Lynch is having so much goddamn fun with his youtube channel. Just listen to his explanation of the checking stick.

    So silly and yet I feel like it's an insight into his creative process.
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