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  1. Imagine you are eating pizza while you are watching Naruto thowing kunais here and there, then the door rings, and is Pierrot studio randomly asking you ideas for anime. So this is lucky moment of life where your name will become part of the histoy in the new anime development. And people will say that you are the Ozamu of XXI century.

    What would you sugest to make for anime?
    write whatever you want, I think screens will help a lot.

    Example 1: based on a video game.

    Theresia Dear Emile


    This game was so good, that even it has 9 pages on reddit of people thinking what was the end, because there are like 2-3 theories about the ending.
    Plot: a teenage woman (Leanne) wakes up in an underground militar facility with amnesia, during after the WWII, the undergound facility is full of traps like jigsaw game, but by solving those traps, the character gets a piece of journal to recover her memory. The mother of Leanne is Emile, oficer of the torture division of the regular army.

    Leanne: "my mother smiles when she sings her song, and when she tortures people"
    Leanne: did my mother loved me?
    Leanne:" Sorry Sacha, my mother said, I cant see you, but we can write us letters in secret, so I wont disobey mother."

    Example 2: based on a manga (well I dont read manga that doesnt has the anime version, so manga readers, shoot).

    Example 3: based on a history event.
    Well Cevst the roman figther is an example that there is a huge gap to do anime about the roman empire.

    Example 4: write your idea.
    Imagine an anime where spirits get inside of humans to grant them skills, at the begining, the spirits naturally merged with humans, that new civilization started to study spirits to convince them to do bonds, later that civilization would combat spirits to force them to bond inside new humans. Fire, water, earth, spirits grants control of new skills. Some spirits are anthropomorphic, like the spirit of a gladiator, the spirit of the headless swordman. others spirits are animal-alike, a fast horse, a gigant snake....

    I have more ideas, but I wish to put them later, I think this topic could be very fun, and if there is any Pierrot bot watching this thread, I think it would be great.

    see ya.
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  2. Gaunter

    Gaunter Silver Supporter

    I have 4 ideas. The first is a pure copy pasta and fully belongs to American James McGee, the other three are not. I am not going to fully describe the ideas of these stories, maybe one day I will finally finish my own webnovels, rofl. I am working on them, but they are nowhere near being fully completed.

    -If I had enough money to buy the right on American McGee’s Alice, I would definitely make the continuation of the game as well as the game’s anime adaptation. I mean, it is kinda an isekai, but the story is just… so tragic and complicated. At the age of seven, Alice Liddell became orphaned after she witnessed the death of her family in a fire that broke out in her home which was destroyed in the blaze. Suffering from survivor's guilt and post-traumatic stress disorder, Alice began to lose her grasp on reality and was ultimately sent to Rutledge Asylum in London for her insanity, dementia and catatonia. Her doctor, Heironymous "Harry" Q. Wilson, was unable to cure her, even after nearly ten years after being committed. In 1874, Alice slowly began showing signs of recovery. Alice will travel in the Wonder Land that reflects her inner self, to cure her broken heart and unveil the true culprit behind the death of her nearest and dearest.

    Without that much of spoilers, this surely one of the greatest ideas I have seen in many years. And if you played American McGees’s Alice and Alice Madness Returns, you should know it.

    -I would definitely make an anime about female samurai, who were also called onna-musha. As an example, Tomoe Gozen. I am sure many fans of anime would love to know more about Japan that way and since such a topic is not that usual for anime, they will surely love it.

    -I would definitely make a space drama about a mercenary, Asahi, who does not have any moral principles: smuggling, killing; anything as long as he gets the money. In the world where he lives, there are two rivalrous corporations (Bora and Akai) that control the space. The anime protagonist is the member of Bora and the other, Akai, always tries to recruit him, because of his talents, but he always declines. One day, he gets a mission to escort medical personal that needs to visit one remote planet to cure an unknown disease. However, an explosion kills the whole personal and Asahi’s home space station authorities blame him for the explosion and brand him a terrorist. Thankfully, thanks to a number of his good deeds for his home, he is not executed. But exiled from the home. Having left his home space station, he finds himself in the furthest parts of the space, where he has to start from the zero to find out who is at fault for the explosion and his exile. At first, he thinks that Akai is the reason his life is now ruined, but later on he finds out that everything is not that easy. Having lost everything, Asahi sees the other side of the coin and that many people are having it extremely difficult to earn the money for living. He changes his approach to life and become an absolutely different person whilst unveiling the truth behind the medics’ death.

    -Another topic I would love to see in an anime, would be karate. Add some romance to it and this will make martial arts appealing for both males and females. The anime would focus on a high-school student, a womanizer, who leads a rather terrible way of life: alcohol, he thinks about joining yakuza and even trying drugs. But one day he meets a gorgeous girl that does not care about him at all, something he is not used to completely. He finds out about her and learns that she is a professional-karateka. Obviously, the only way for him to approach her would be becoming a karateka himself, which he does. Having started doing karate and being head over heels in love, will love and martial arts change the high schooler?

    P.S. Cheers fellow DtB fan.
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  3. Hi Gaunter, thanks a lot for your enthusiasm!! I like all of your ideas.
    1) Alice in wonderland, I like a lot classic concepts with a huge Seinen spin,
    2) I like the idea of female samurais, if you see videos of the gameplay of For Honor, there are 3 fictional factions the Vikings, Normands, and the Samurai, all faction with male and female characters. An anime that touchs a little the female weapon master is Seirei no Moribito but it goes to fantasy and magic, so I want to point that is not easy to find female warriors with no magic or super brute force at all in anime.
    3) I am a fan of space opera and sci fi. Another reason that made me create this thread was this anime fan art of starcraft 2.

    4) I totally agree with your martial arts idea, I recommend you Natsuki Crisis, wich more or less has that concept, sadly is only a 2 caps OVA, and it could have been a 13-24 anime series. I agree there is a good potential not exploited yet of such concept, IMO.
    thanks, see ya!
  4. Gaunter

    Gaunter Silver Supporter

    I, too, am a huge fan of the Star Craft universe and think that from all the Blizzard projects, it is their most successful one. Not going to lie, from all the possible anime adaptations, Star Craft would be №1 in my ‘want to watch’ list. Unfortunately, such a project is highly improbable. Though, Blizzard could have thought something with Netflix. Fucking Blizzard is too lazy for the new ideas and will keep on making wow classic.
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  5. NeaRetrogamer

    NeaRetrogamer Member

    Unlike the posters above, my own ideas aren't too original. They're the following:

    - An anime about air hockey. This fall season airs an anime about regular hockey, so why not have something about air hockey too? (I quite like said game) It doesn't have to be anything big too, it can be a 12-episode series with 15-minute episodes or something (much like this pottery anime from the spring season).
    - A basketball anime, but which would be a CGDCT instead of the usual formula of shounen with boys. There's technically already something with girls playing basket, but it seems to be downright pedo, so I'd like something that isn't pedo instead and focuses more on the sport itself, perhaps in a slice-of-life tone.
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  6. you are totally right, one thing is a cool idea, and another thing is if is "realistic" to happen, the goal of this thread is to have a nice ideas exchange and learn from games, fan arts, manga not adapted yet or voids in anime that could be exploited (I think roman empire anime can have a lot of potential),

    Hi, I dont agree, I like your ideas a lot!!. and there is a lot of original pontential.
    -The air hockey idea, it does remind me Quiditch the fictional sport of Harry Potter, I can imagine the characters in the air, with their sticks and with great animation movments.
    -Basketball, : I saw slam dunk and dear boys, is true that in general basket is presented as a "men sport", when I was in school women and men played volley all together as a friendly activity, so I think certain sports can have that approach like a friendly club activity in school.
    thanks for participating.

    Suikoden Tierkreis

    Suikoden saga has like 5 games (1,2,3,4,5), Tierkreis, and a card game , but unlike Final fantasy and Tales of Saga, it doesnt has an anime version.
    In fact Suikoden Tierkreis was so good that it had many small pieces of anime scenes in game, and voice acting all the main plot.

    The unique thing of Suikoden is that 108 characters must awake their powers as the 108 stars to defeat the one true king that wants to dominate the world.
    Of course the game focus on 4 (Sieg, Jale, Liu and Marica) main characters and slowly the rest of the characters are introduced, the micro side stories are great, if in theory, this could have an anime version, it can easy fill 48 chapters and you wont get bored of it.
  7. NeaRetrogamer

    NeaRetrogamer Member

    Well, air hockey does sound like hockey that would be played in the air, but this isn't the case sadly (which is why I posted the Wikipedia link, to show what exactly it is). It's actually a table sport, like table tennis then (so why it wasn't called table hockey instead is beyond me), and 2 paddles are used to push a flat cyclical puck (which is probably where the "hockey" part came from, since it resembles the hockey puck) with the aim to push it into the opponent's goalpost. So rather more mundane than you imagined then. So I kinda imagined a slice-of-life type show myself.
    On that note, it would be interesting to see a quidditch anime though, but I doubt that would happen, since that is copyrighted (so I guess one has to make do with the depictions of quidditch in the first few Harry Potter movies and games). What might be more likely would be for an anime about the real-life version of quidditch (yes, there is such a thing) to be created, but copyright might be a problem again, and besides Harry Potter has been out of fashion for a while, so this probably wouldn't be profitable for the makers either.
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  8. sorry my mistake, I was literally imagining in my mind users with a space pack in their backs (Tanya of the evil) , playing a sport like hokey in the air.

    Quiditch wasnt a sugestion, I used it as a comparison, many ideas can have the copyrights problem, in an ideal world that that can be solved by coparticipation of profits, lets imagine anything is posible.

    but try to design a totally new sport (like quiditch) could be interesting, like the air hokey, you know in the air, with the jet pack, if something we learned from Tanya, you can add jet packs to WWII and have success.
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  9. OneEyeMonkey

    OneEyeMonkey Member

    I jsut wish someone would redo all animes that are based on manga/LN but they change story so it fits into 12 eps
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  10. Very interesting idea, and that is more or less happening. This is the era of remasterization of old things.
    Soul hunter, Boggiepop, Fate stay Night, Sailor Moon, Berserk, Legend of the galactic herores, all have a remastered version,
    In the case of Legend of the galactic heroes, the original 110 caps is being compresed in 78.

    But there are some anime that the 12 cap version feels rushed and needs more. The good witch of the west a 13 episode anime, the last 3 was very rushed with a lot of cool concepts all crowded because they didnt have more time to develop such ideas.

    I would like to see an anime version of Samus Aran, Metroid saga, and a cannon main anime story (because games are like stand alone missions).

  11. Warpuppy

    Warpuppy Well-Known Member

    You might like this anime. Its about a made up sport called Flying Circus that is played with rocket boots.
    AOKANA: Four Rhythm Across the Blue
  12. Warpuppy

    Warpuppy Well-Known Member

    Your space opera sounds pretty cool. I love the idea of someone rich and powerful losing everything and having to rebuild their legacy from scratch. I've always wanted to see an isekai where the protagonist was something like the CEO of a big company rather than a corporate drone.
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  13. Warpuppy

    Warpuppy Well-Known Member

    Does it specifically have to be Studio Pierrot? What if I have an idea that Production I.G. is more suited for?
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  14. The whole text is a joke intro as hook the audience to the topic, it doesnt has to be Pierrot, you dont need to be eating Pizzza, and you dont need to be watching Naruto. Your idea can be anything you like for a "new anime"

    Idea: Golden Sun the animation
    One of the best GBA games ever made.
    The world is dying, a group of 4 characters try to realease the dangerous psyenergy to save the world, while the main group of 4 is trying to avoid the release of psynergy. Fire, Earth, Wind and Water. To realease the psyenergy the 4 elemental lighthouses must be lit. Both teams are good, but totally against each other.
    Elemental dijins (the small colorfull creatures) helps the users to cast powerfull skills and summon invocations.

    the team that seeks to stop the psynergy release (team of 3 boys and 1 girl) Garet fire, Hans earth, Ivan wind, Mia water

    the team that seeks to realease the psyenergy (team of 2 girls and 2 boys) Nadia fire, Piers water, Sole wind, Felix earth.
    the earth characters are the leaders in both groups.
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  15. Warpuppy

    Warpuppy Well-Known Member

    I would want to create a soccer anime with a tournament arc between a bunch of magic schools.

    The main character would be a girl who is a magician's assistant training to perform her own magic show someday. Unfortunately while doing the trick where you put the girl in a box and stab the box with a bunch of swords, things go horribly wrong and she bleeds to death. Fortunately in typical anime fashion she is reborn into a fantasy world with a high aptitude for magic.

    Due to her memories of her past life, she is drawn toward light magic and she masters the ability to create intricate illusions using light magic. Despite her skill, she is only accepted into one of the weakest magic schools in the country because light magic is considered useless throughout the land. She doesn't allow this setback to stop her though. She joins the soccer team of her magic school and once she proves to them how effective light magic can be in a soccer game she quickly rises to become the captain of her team.

    Light magic will redefine the meta of soccer, but will that be enough to take a trash tier magic school all the way to the top?

    I came up with this idea because I was hoping to watch an anime that had done something like this but was shocked to see that it has never been done before. There have been a few magic school anime that have a couple of episodes dedicated to a sports event, but never a dedicated sports anime with a heavy focus on magic. I chose soccer because I wanted a sport with a large field that allows players to make the most of mobility enhancement magic and soccer seemed like one of the only ones where a spike of wind slamming the ball into the ground wouldn't end the play and stop the action.

    I enjoy most of the sports anime that I watch, but it feels like there is only so much a series can do before it starts to get repetitive. I feel like with lightning to put polarities on the ball and move it with magnetism, ice to create a physical barrier or try to make players slip, fire to keep players away from specific parts of the field, water to put fires out and impair movement, enhancement magic to make players run faster and jump higher, wind to apply direct force on the ball, and of course a main protagonist who specializes in illusions, the options for plays are limitless.
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  16. Fun idea, very creative. I was imagining every sport anime where the mc suffers a lot at the begining, and magic skills.

    My idea: The stars align in such way that 20 studios create anime focused on Centaurs, so like vampires anime, we will have centaurs tag anime.
    Titles like

    The Seven Centaurs.
    My girlfriend is a powerfull Centaur.
    Sword art of the Centaurs.
    Centaur Princess.
    The Centaur of death and his maid.
    Fullmetal Centaur.
    The ancient Centaur bride.

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  17. Warpuppy

    Warpuppy Well-Known Member

    Now that you mention it, I haven't really seen many centaurs in anime. While it wasn't really a main part of the story, there is one anime I have seen that sort of has the "Full Metal Centaur" that you are looking for.
    Knight's & Magic - This is an anime about a child prodigy of robotics who gets isekaied into a world with mechs that were passed down from an ancient race. The technology of mechs is not understood by the world, but this prodigy is able to figure out how they work and improve upon them. One of his creations is a cavalry mech that looks like a centaur.
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  18. Corsair

    Corsair Well-Known Member

    i think StarCraft would make an awesome series, there is so much story and the games are great. but i dont think anything like that.
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    Yeah after watching this cool fan arts, my blood was boiling of enthusiasm.

    My idea: I like to write xxxxx anime fan art and see what I can get.
    I would like an anime focused in the unification of the german feuds into the Holy roman empire. The rise of Frederick Redbeard, the foundation of the teutonic order, the conflicts with the Italian church, and the crusade.



    my idea 2: I want an orthodox Isekai, where the character is trying to figure out how to return to his/her world.

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