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Discussion in 'Anime Recommendations' started by Franzi, Jul 17, 2020.

  1. Franzi

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    Posted by Franzi on Jul 17, 2020
    Ok, so I'm officially out of ideas for a new anime to watch. So go wild you guys, list me your top 5 favourite anime and give me some ideas xxx
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    You have seen most of the anime that I have 5 star ratings on, but here are a few titles that I enjoyed.

    Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 - This is an anime where a brother and sister are visiting a robotics museum when a major earthquake disables all of Japan's public transportation. They have to work together with a woman that they just happened to meet as the earthquake happens to make it home while working with limited food and water and trying to fight off heat stroke. This is a very emotional anime that know how to play your heart like a fiddle.

    Chihayafuru - You seem to enjoy a lot of sports anime but here is one that you seem to have missed. It focuses on a game called Karuta which is essentially a game where Japanese poems are written on cards, a reader will start reading a poem and the competitors race to try to touch the associated card first. This might not sound like a sport, but at the top level of Karuta how quickly you can can get your mind and body to react will be the difference between winning and losing. This series not only holds the same level of tension that an intense sports anime does, but it also shows an interesting insight into Japanese culture.

    Last Exile - I'm recommending this because I have never really seen anything quite like it. This is a series that takes place in a steampunk world with a few fantasy elements as well. While working on what was supposed to be a routine delivery mission, a pilot and navigator crash land on one of the most feared warships in the world and end up becoming part of its crew. The warship captain takes a liking to them, but they get involved in problems that are way over their heads.

    Land of the Lustrous - Here is another recommendation I am making because I haven't seen anything quite like it. This is about a race of rock girls who are fighting off a mysterious group of enemies called Lunarians. It focuses on a girl who really wants to be useful as a fighter, but her body is made of a weaker material then others in her community and they basically think she is completely useless. She will do whatever it takes to prove herself. Even if the premise doesn't interest you I will encourage you to check out at least 1 episode because the art style is really something special.

    KonoSuba – God's blessing on this wonderful world! - Probably the funniest anime I have ever watched. This is an isekai where the hero assembles a top tier team of people who have all sorts of problems and they more often win their battles through dumb luck rather than their skills or teamwork.
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  4. Corsair

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    this isnt my top 5, but just 5 suggestions

    Nodame Cantabile
    Detroit Metal City
    Sarai-ya Goyou
    Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san
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  5. Franzi

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    Posted by Franzi on Jul 18, 2020
    First time doing quotes, no idea if it worked! Love Chihayafuru but I'm watching it with my sister so I have to wait until she gets home. I did start Konosuba, Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 and Land of the lustrous ages ago so I'll definitely go back and give them another shot. Haven't heard of Last Exile but I do love a Steampunk so I'll give it a watch. Thanks so much x
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    Posted by Franzi on Jul 18, 2020
    Good news, I can do quotes now! Ok, so I love the Shirayuki manga so far so yes, I will watch the anime. I've seen Brotherhood so I've never really had the desire to watch the original series cuz I loved Brotherhood so much. I've been meaning to look at Spice and Wolf, I think I started it when I first got into anime but couldn't get into it at the time. Will give it another shot though. Haven't heard of the other animes so I'll definitely look them up! Thanks so much x
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  7. Franzi

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    Posted by Franzi on Jul 18, 2020
    The only one I've heard of out of these is the first one, so I'm excited to start! Thanks so much x
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  8. knoxyal

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    Barakamon - Slice of life. It’s about a calligrapher who gets over a slump by seeking recluse in the countryside. It was a relaxing watch and I enjoyed it a lot because of the characters (their design and voice acting I found to be very likeable). The story was wholesome.

    Monster - Thriller. This is the best thriller I’ve watched. I remember binging the 70+ episodes every night. It was hard to escape from. The culprit to sleepless nights.

    Aria the Origination - Slice of life. There was something very soothing about watching the characters’ daily lives on the venezia-like planet which the story is set in. The music (which was bossa nova) really contributed to the soothing atmosphere. The character interaction was wholesome. I don’t know how many times I’ve rewatched this one. Highly recommended to watch on evenings when you want immediate escape from stress.

    Psycho-Pass - Scifi. Very memorable world setting. The characters were memorable as well. I think the greatest appeal of this show is its antagonist, an interesting villain.

    Space Brothers - Currently watching and binging. It’s about a man’s journey to becoming a NASA space crew. So far it’s doing well on the story telling and I’m digging it. It’s wholesome.

    That was my top 5. But if I were asked to rewatch an anime, I would choose Full Metal Panic Fumoffu, due to my current state. That show is a masterpiece comedy and I really need laughter in my life right now.
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    Posted by Franzi on Jul 18, 2020
    I'm reading the manga for Monster since the anime's a little bit too long for me but so far it is really gripping. Seen the first season of Psycho-Pass and it was so good (Had to give up the second season though cux of b****y mcb****face and no Kogami!) I'll make sure to give the other 3 a go! Thanks so much x
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  10. NatsumeKhun

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    My favorite top 5 anime:

    • Bungo Stray Dogs
    • Natsume Yuujinchou
    • Made in Abyss
    • Devilman Crybaby
    • Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

    All of them are pretty popular in Japan too.
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  11. Franzi

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    Yes! Nungo Stray Dogs and Natsume Yuujinchou are both in my top ten as well so already I know you are a man of quality. I've heard about Devilman Crybaby and I refuse to watch it but I've been meaning to start Jojo's so that I can at least get the references! Thanks so much x
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  12. NatsumeKhun

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    Thank you! I've watched pretty much everything haha, but yeah I highly recommend watching Jojo's at least. I know the art style can be off putting for some folks, but the show itself is actually really hilarious and wacky but in the best way. I had a really good time with it and couldn't stop smiling and laughing the entire time. Even the opening and endings are so unique! You can tell David Productions was really passionate about making it as high quality as possible. Oh and if you get the time, read the manga for the high quality art!

    As for Devilman Crybaby, I can understand why some folks would be adverse to it. It's a show that's very in your face about certain themes, however it's a display of humanity at its best and worst. I'm a big fan of Masaaki Yuaasa's works. Though they tend to be something people either really love or really hate. If the newer Devilman is a no for you, I'd at least recommend the older versions. The English dub is especially hilarious (because its so bad) so it became an unintentional comedy!

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