Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches

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  1. 8MangaMan

    8MangaMan Well-Known Member

    The hair color is a bit off-putting, but I am still looking forward to this. I never checked out the OVA though, and I don't even know how close of an idea I could get from it, but I'll definitely be watching the first few episodes at least.

    I too enjoyed the the manga and stopped for no real good reason, been thinking of getting back into it. Lets see if this will change my mind.
  2. Damias

    Damias Database Moderator

    Posted by Damias on Apr 1, 2015
    Please don't suck, please don't suck.
  3. GekoHayate

    GekoHayate Active Member

    I concur with your disdain, the hair colors are mostly atrocious and absolutely not what I was expecting (I never really took a look at the cover art until I caught up at chapter 75 or so).

    Damias is surely a deviant of the lowest order.

    I so want this to be good, the manga was very enjoyable and I absolutely loved the way the main plot device was handled.
  4. Etue

    Etue Well-Known Member

    Posted by Etue on Apr 12, 2015
    Episode 1

    A comedic body swapping event as an opener. Nothing unique and a standard setting. But it was interesting and atmospheric making for an enjoyable if mildly standard watch.

  5. Thrawn


    Posted by Thrawn on Apr 12, 2015
    You all (Minus Damias) are a bunch of chucklefucks. The hair colors look rainbow. The closest two colors are Pig tails (?) light blue and MC's fluorescent blue mixed with a dark blue. They're witches, their hair color isn't suppose to be some generic brown/black/darker black like normal regular shows, it's suppose to be all kinds of shit and yes, it is dumb and Damias is dumb as well but you know what? Blondie's hair fucking works. And the chick with the real dark hair that's almost purple, so yes :megusta:

    Apart from blonde, can't remember what I expected of their hair color. And I stopped reading it because I got tired of waiting for new chapters or for no real reason at all aside from my chronic stalling of series.
  6. Damias

    Damias Database Moderator

    Posted by Damias on Apr 12, 2015
    Well call me a monkey's uncle, this turned out better than I had expected. It is definitely well directed than comparing to that OVA which was done by the same staff. The TV series was very much more enjoyable to watch. Probably because the voice acting made it work so well. Comparing to the manga, it seems to be replicating it tick to tack but that doesn't ruin the overall feel of the episode. They definitely hit all the right places with establishing the characters and setting in the episode.


    It seems as though they're quickly getting the the main casts out as quickly as possible and I don't blame them, 12 episodes seems a bit too short but at the same time, not too long because then it would probably be tiresome and "losing steam" by then.

    Good job Liden Films and co.

    Gee, I feel so much better knowing you and I are on the same side of righteousness.
  7. Rastamepas

    Rastamepas Database Moderator


    Enjoyed the first episode. Not too set on the VA of Yamada but that is small compared to everything.
  8. MrTripStack

    MrTripStack New Member

    Episode 1

    This was one of the few anime from this spring season that I was really looking forward to and the first episode definitely didn't disappoint. I thought it was a solid first episode. After watching Kokoro Connect a while ago and really enjoying that, I've been looking for another decent body-swapping anime. There doesn't seem to be much of the stuff out there.

    I haven't really looked into the manga or the original OVA, so I'm wondering whether we'll learn about why they're swapping bodies in the first place or if it'll be one of those things that are just there. Either is fine by me, to be honest.

    We also haven't seen the main girl kiss anybody aside from the MC, so I'm wondering if it's only him that is able to swap bodies with whoever he kisses, since we did see him swap with that other guy.
    I'm looking forward to the rest of this. The hair colors don't really bother me.
  9. 8MangaMan

    8MangaMan Well-Known Member


    After hearing the not so great reactions to the OVA I was afraid, but man, this really impressed me! The visuals look pretty great and it seems a lot of work went into the animation. I find the voices fit pretty well, I especially think Saori Hayami is a perfect fit for Shiraishi.

    I felt the pacing was a bit fast, but it took nothing away by doing so, which is fine I guess.

    I believe this will only have 12 episodes which is saddening since 24 would work so much more in its favor. Still, I'm impressed that it was actually a good adaption and am looking forward to more.

    Also, I actually wasn't off put by any of the hair colors at all. Didn't even think twice about it until I was done with the episode. :baka:
    I assure you, this is very different from Kokoro Connect. Literally body swapping is the only thing you'll find in common.
  10. TokyoGhoul

    TokyoGhoul Guest

    Just finished rewatching the first episode.

    Episode 1

    Having not watched the OVA nor read the manga, I was apprehensive about starting this series. However, the first episode did not disappoint. I find the animation and characters to be standard yet likeable. As with several of this season's anime, it seems to be an entertaining and light-hearted watch.

    No complaints so far, although I agree that the pacing was a little fast.
  11. commonxreaction

    commonxreaction Well-Known Member

    Episode 1

    All I've done is watch the short trailer, although I kind of decided on starting this when I was initially going through the Spring Chart. Seems like it'll be interesting.

    My first impression of Yamada is that he is the most conventional anime character ever.

    Lol, amazing that she acted like this was not a problem and went along like "business as usual."
    Ah, I like her. I feel like Yamada did the first thing I would of done in that situation, touche Yamada... touche.

    What is up with these three girls... like... I don't even understand this form of bullying. Why is it funny to X out notes and make stuff fall from your locker. It's inconvenient at best, and a shoddy display of bullying. Get your shit together ladies.

    Forced Yaoi, she's interested.

    Quite interesting. Looking forward to more.
  12. oninosweeney

    oninosweeney Active Member

    episode 1... expected fluff cheesecake series; ended up being really well written and uniquely paced show. i am impressed and enjoy. breaking tropes left and right, then when you think you have the gist of the show, they swing back and 180 you again.

    pleased, defiantly finishing this one.
    yeah, got that same good vibe of decent show that Kokoro Connect was... something good is brewing here!
  13. tootalls

    tootalls Well-Known Member

    Seen this setup a few times............but I couldn't turn my eyes away from the screen and the episode seemed to end really fast, I guess thats good signs.
  14. FireWalker

    FireWalker Active Member

    Got around to trying this one ... anyone else still keeping up?
    Up to ep3 and I quite like it.
    It has a few jarring notes
    ... the convenient-for-our-hero necessity to kiss all the pretty girls, apparently going to get up to 7 ... and his putting the initial moves on Ito was grounds for suspension at least ... but it's somewhat offset by the gender-bending, the guy-on-guy kisses, and everyone's being cool with "it's all for scientific research!"
    I also liked the fact that the other characters get time, like Ito to start ep3 - she's more interesting than the fairly obtuse Yamada.

    Definitely miles better than the limited samples I endured of Punch Line, Seraph, and a couple of others.
  15. tootalls

    tootalls Well-Known Member

    yeah, this is sappy as ell but i like it
  16. Etue

    Etue Well-Known Member

    Posted by Etue on Apr 27, 2015
    Plenty of people probably watch this. Of course I am watching this like almost everything else...
  17. chaikatrabant

    chaikatrabant New Member

    Yes, I think there just isn't a whole lot to discuss. It's moving along, doing its thing. Nothing too out of the ordinary for the genre yet, and nothing bad either.

    Ep 3

    i still don't get why they need a club room to body swap. They couldn't find a secluded space anywhere in school without this much hassle? Seems more trouble than it's worth.

    It was nice to see a sweeter side of Yamada when he came back with the cold towel and looked after Shiraishi. I liked seeing a bit more to his character than hot headed and shouty. I find him more likeable in this than the first bit of the manga. Maybe it's just me.

    The president took the whole body swapping thing well. Didn't even rattle his tea cup.

    So yeah, shaping up nicely. Looks like a keeper so far.
  18. GekoHayate

    GekoHayate Active Member

    Having just caught up to episode 3 I have to say I am very impressed with Liden Films' work. This adaptation has everything I enjoyed from the manga and the pacing is quick but from what I've seen so far I don't think i would prefer it any other way.

    Not once during these episodes did i alt tab or check my phone for texts, i was just so engrossed with the atmosphere, the chemistry between the main cast and the feels, oh man the feels! I really felt some of the dawwww warm and fuzzy feelings I frequently had when reading the manga.

    Which means I'll need to watch something manly and GAR like MD Geist to counteract the gushy feels I am feeling. I'll be steeling my heart, because there are still feels to be felt.

    10/10 so far
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