World's End Harem

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    Guess the writer never heard of genetic diversity. Welcome to incest defect land!
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    Posted by MarkN on Jan 4, 2022
    I guess the solution to your issue would be to have 1 guy on each continent, 1 in Asia 1 in EU, NA SA, AU. And then down the line their decendants would cross breed with across continents, also I think it would be more of a sperm bank type situation instead of going at it like bunnies... annd I can't believe I'm thinking of solutions to proposed issues about the most obnoxious plot to an anime I've ever read.
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    Bleh, seen the first ep and hated almost everything. The characters are like robots with no emotions. MC is a pathetic typical "my life revolves around this one pinky promise I made years ago" Can't act on new information or changes to circumstance.

    I mean if they just wanted to make a Hentai, then sure but it's a censored anime? Makes no sense.
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    Yeah! It's back. But Fuck Crunchyroll! I finally waited for this and the 1st 30 sec. is censored! Nooo, not just pixellated but black magic marker censored! How can they deny adolescents Titty shots! Come on. This is just not right. It ruins the entire show. I guess I'll watch out of the south Atlantic where they don't censor stuff. Does CR think they're the CIA/NSA/FBI?
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    I haven't even started watching the anime yet and this "protag" reeks of beta cuck energy. Something tells me he's going to be yet another generic "literally every girl on the planet wants to fug him, but he's a shyboy "good guy" and rejects them even when they're literally on their hands and knees begging for his D", because the writers are way too lazy and uncreative to write actual human interactions, but still want those horny viewers to gawk at lewd waifus.

    Anyway, gonna check this one out, maybe it will subvert my expectations and I'll finally see a good harem anime with a well written protag (lol). Oh Arata (T7)... why can't more harem protags be like you?

    Edit: I see a lot of people saying its censored. I sure hope my "free copy" of the anime will be uncensored otherwise I'm not even gonna bother.
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    I am in. 100% down for this. This gonna be great.
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    I'm sorry to dissapoint you, but you're not wrong about him. Though to be fair
    dude just woke up to a world that went to shit due to the MK virus and most men are dead, his crush is nowhere to be seen, his immediate family is in cold sleep, and every women is desperate to have his babies. He's as confused as anyone would be in his situation.
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  9. Thrawn


    Censored? Total boner killer.
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  10. Nicknames

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    There's also an uncensored version available, but it's not on CR
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  11. Thrawn


    I getcha :dankface:

    Unrelated: Arrrrr thar be eh doubloon 'n me pegleg
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  12. Thrawn


    Episode 1

    Kinda forgot shit started because I was all up in nice boobs
    Let's get it on

    Shit, this guy some beta.



    OK, def second from right, ballistics. Fourth from right, megane in second row, the taller looking one with the more tanned skin, short haired girl in second row, all excellent picks.

    Nice eyes, different shades all up in them.
    Shit, I can't even make a quip about that because multiple sclerosis is no laughing matter.

    Moment over. Guy shouldn't be a beta and tell her to go with him. But he basically said "don't wait for my beta ass"

    Dude got his ribs bruised.

    Basically, we live in a society. Of technolo- the fuck is this utopia that is the opposite of society and is essentially hedonism. That nurse sounds hot.

    Gon be 10 years or some shit

    I was gonna say something but I'm sure the show will address it.
    Seriously, it will address it.

    She'll be family, don't you worry :lenny:

    "They'll all be adults", like Elisa ain't an adult and he ain't an adult when they be all smart and shit.

    That is the kind of look that makes you want to say "Step on me"

    lol them ladies lookin at him like they never saw a man in ages.

    They so wa
    I'm sorry, I was distracted by Dr. Sexy over there, with a PH.D in Hotness

    He should get a... thoroh shit her boobs are fine too. Purple haired lady I mean.
    She reminds me of the big boobs chick from that Devil Maoh show where the dude is the maoh and tries to be good but does misunderstanding shit instead. And the purple haired lady had her brother's head.

    MK = Man Kill

    Basically Y: The Last Man

    This is really Y: The Last Man kinda shit

    lol git gud

    Genocide is no joking matter

    Yoooooo this music fire

    So overblown and pompuous

    lol dumbass just ran out among all these ladies
    And is running farther away from the protection of the car

    And you just got out of sleep so don't burn what little sprinting energy you have

    Male Killer, I was close. Synonym like tho

    In this world, you know some Ugly Bastards survived. I read the old hentai texts.

    So 99.99999999999999999999999999% of men died

    I mean, without men you can't procreate
    Because despite being the future, we live in a society

    That OL horny af
    Get her deep in the meat

    I mean, he can pick better
    I mean- he's one of 5 dudes, of course he be handsome but a shaft is a shaft

    Rise of G Unit

    Figures it be Japan, never America because they ain't got the Chad power

    And all the ladies he ran out towards, they know too

    She right, specializations and professions were gender equal, losing that much would take its's jiggle

    lol dumbass

    oh, makes sense
    This also makes sense, gotta stuff the turkey

    Beta genes are still genes


    That little girl who is now legal?

    So this guy is going to protect his virginity for Elisa.

    Bet the Screen Lady has massive knockers

    NO shit Sherlock. 5 dudes left, at least 2 handsome enough to not be called Ugly Bastard

    Mmmmmmmm yes

    Yes Ma'am

    Would it be taking advantage of if it's his civic duty to humanity to bake as much as he can in as many ovens as he can

    This is an author power fantasy



    So... with half the population by a Thanos snap, why ain't there enough food and resources unless the sudden death of man caused massive economic and production crisis?

    This mfer only wants to have kids with one lady

    Basically, titties every episode


    Basically, Beta MC is beta. It's of course a fantasy fulfillment kinda shit, you know? Or basically trash. But like, also not entirely fantasy because- sorry, I was distracted by this massive titty blondie with a tat on her tit. Forget my tangent, my point is, is that I watched the one with uncensored titties.

    But hey, they can't fuck it up harder than the Y: The Last Man TV adaptation, right?

    Because Y's original was actually good.
  13. worknboy

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    Well if @Thrawn is going to do a play by play this show must be good. I'm looking forward to this thread!
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    Ep 2

    Looks like this show is attempting to be deeper than tits every episode........

    I like that they threw a loli at him, any man that refused all the nice regular tits on the 1st day must be into ...........something else.........right?

    I mean it couldn't hurt to put it out there.

    I can see it now, people feeling bad for the idol who was tearing up, totally not into boning, while simultaneously calling the MC a wimp for not wanting to know.........double standards and shit...

    I wonder who'd make a virus to kill off most competition for booty, sounds like something I'd do >_>.....jk jk, but really, I'd at least consider it, especially during........HARD times :lenny:

    But alas it seems like a bunch of unpleasant ladies are behind if it wasn't a man's dream, I'm guessing a lesbian's dream...."hey ladies......I guess there's no more men" :pokerface:

    Maybe they want to create a super human army and the dads have to be immune to the disease for it to work.........IDK whatever the plot is, it's probably retarded if we're being honest, I just appreciate that they seem to be trying more than trashy shows like this tend to, and just waive tits across the screen the whole time.
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    I was thinking of holding the 3 episode rule heavy on this show due to the horrible excuse of a MC...but Thawn's play by play might make me stick around as they always crack me up.

    haha, i never thought of it that way. Still, their idea of the loli was surely going to backfire, I thought it was a escaped kid or something, like, most harems throw a loli in the mix usually throw her in the same class, environment or try to dress them accordingly to at least give the idea of what age they are supposed to be, this one straight up threw a girl who looks 7 or 8 holding a teddy bear into his bed, surely she isn't his age right? Surely she is just some cyborg who was made using the base design of a young child to provide access to tight spaces... right?

    she called up the MC? Hmmm, must of missed that part, regardless, I don't feel bad for her, they told us early on that the women in this facility of there of their own free will, because they want to bone effectively. The only way they can explain this is admitting that this isn't true and they can acquire women from the world over on request to effectively be raped, which wouldn't likely work, most women in show business would be targets due to their ability to be seen by a wider audience, never mind idols and such as their job is to be pretty (though he did comment on having one of them already so who knows).

    MC starting to annoy me already though. Look i get it, they are boring and instead of basing this on someone like number 1 who just has fun and i dunno, making a ecchi comedy about some guy getting laid every day, they opted for boring MC who only wants one girl, but it's kind of dull as-is. Lets be honest, no one in MC's place could or would pass this chance up, even his "one girl" would understand and you have the choice of a life, maybe I'm trash for thinking that way but I'm just being honest.Regardless, the show has a plot hole it hasn't addressed, even if he meets his girl, he only wants to mate with her meaning he is 100% useless. The other dude has slept with close to 100 girls now and seemingly knocked up around 30% (i memory serves me well) where as they as using tons of resources on MC to find one girl who will be his only choice, so at best they will get a kid a year from him, whilst the other guy could be producing hundreds. Why support his motives?

    I did laugh when the girl approached him in the shower, I thought something might actually happen when he didn't run away but of course, he passes out, i dunno how to even laugh about that one, what a wimp.

    Sure the rouge person who let the bear out would of been caught, you can't tell me they have so crummy security that they let her roam free? For world leaders that place would be full of security personnel and have tons of restrictions of who can move around freely, difference between a world leader on this guy is, he is literally one of humanities final hope for procreation (sorry humanity) and in turn, is worth more than some world leader who could be replaced easily.

    Oh and now we are to believe they agree to let him research as another delay to him shagging? C'mon, they give him a deadline agreement of meeting his girl in which if he hasn't met her by x date, he agrees to start helping with the breeding project (this shouldn't require debate but whatever), the only term being they will attempt to seduce him during this period in hopes to change his mind. But now, "oh he wants another 3 years to research a cure, fine", like what? They quite likely have the world over researching this virus, quite sure one male brain wont help all that much, one of a teen with either no or otherwise, limited skills in the research field... sure, lets delay his aiding humanity for longer.

    I hope these ladies (and gents) and tested for STD's, be a funny irony if one was to spread which made people infertile... I will stop now haha.
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  17. tootalls

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    This is world ending shyt, so I'm guessing several moral boundaries are fair game to cross at this point.

    Such as.........
    the loli's age may not matter, so long as she old enough to POSSIBLY conceive....and If one of the planet's only 5 men request a specific lady, they might just get dragged to the facility whether they wanted to or not and as for dealing with MC. Looks like they're bending over further backwards than they logically should. Here's some options on what I'd consider:

    *throwing him outside and give him a stick so he can literally attempt to beat the crazy horny women off him with.

    *Tie him down amazon style......"time for snu snu" (one dose daily)

    I know he was a doctor or something, but I don't remember him being some genius worth using all those resources on while having him not cooperate. Like you say, even if he found his girl, does that mean they keep giving him all the resources to have an exclusive relationship? for one thing I think the notion of that would put that girl's life in danger, lots of thirsty jealous bitches out there, and IN the facility for that matter.

    Basically, the only reason I can see to allow him to do what he wants is if for some reason they know he's the main character of this story and will probably succeed in finding a cure....
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    14 yrs. is game here. I'm just waiting for the confinement with the milking machine.
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  19. worknboy

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    And the plot thickens with ep. 2. Thank god the was no CGI bear. I really don't know why CR did what they did? I mean a panty shot?
  20. Crua9

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    IMO this isn't a bad show if you can get access to the uncensored version. Like just google it at this point and screw Crunchyroll with what they did. In Ep 2 at the very start within the first few sec they censored a girl sitting on the guy's back rubbing his back. They censored her underwear. They sure don't mind beach stuff however ....
    And then seconds later they again tried to black out parts of a tablet handed to the guy where the girl's boobs would be. But seeing the raw footage there isn't anything there because the pictures of the girls don't go that low.

    Why does companies like Crunchyroll even pick this stuff up? And if they pick it up, why don't they just block this just for paid members and put a M title on it

    It is too bad because I think most people are going to just see the censored version and think of this as a major hentia. But again, even if it is. Why in the world is CR or any other picking it up if they want to block paid members from viewing it? No wonder why pirating is so bad in this industry.
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