Which manga did you buy today?

Discussion in 'General Manga Discussion' started by Uniflame, Feb 22, 2008.

  1. NarkyOtic

    NarkyOtic Narkylepsy

    On the wishlist for the next batch! Couldn't afford to squeeze more in this time :(
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  2. Taek

    Taek Well-Known Member

    Posted by Taek on Dec 30, 2017
    It's so fucking good, I 100% guarantee you'll love it.
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  3. Helbaworshipper

    Helbaworshipper Database Moderator

    Queen's Quality Vol. 2 (For some reason, scans are very rare for this series. )
    QQ Sweeper vol. 3 (Just so I have a good reference. I read the first two before having to resort to scans...)
    Inu x Boku SS vol. 11 (I had wanted to get the ending for awhile.)
    Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon 10 (I kind of am giving up on this series...)
  4. Jamie

    Jamie Well-Known Member

    Vagabond vol.s 35-37
    Emma Hardcover vol.s 1-5
    Otomo: A Global Tribute to the Mind Behind Akira
    Oh! My Goddess vol.s 26-48
    Learned how to check for 1st edition/1st printing as well. Staying away from that rabbit hole.
  5. NarkyOtic

    NarkyOtic Narkylepsy

    Had a bit of a spree from emptying my coin jar ^_^

    - Awkward Silence vol 1 - 6 [complete]
    - Bloody Mary vol 1 - 10 [complete]
    - Ten Count vol 1 - 5 [final vol 6 not yet available]

    Some of the veterans of my wishlists.
  6. Helbaworshipper

    Helbaworshipper Database Moderator

    When did Volume 6 come out for Awkward silence?

    I guess I'll be getting that and Queen's Quality 3...
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  7. NarkyOtic

    NarkyOtic Narkylepsy

    8th of March 2018, according to my purchasing source.

  8. NarkyOtic

    NarkyOtic Narkylepsy

    Best balm for the soul is coming back to work from a mini-holiday to a box-set of manga sitting on one's desk...


  9. zala

    zala Well-Known Member

    Posted by zala on Jul 24, 2018
    I bought my first manga,
    Astro Boy Omnibus Vol. 1
    It's a strange read, because the ideas are futuristic but the characters are deeply rooted in old stereotypes
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  10. NarkyOtic

    NarkyOtic Narkylepsy

    Gifted myself a bit of a binge order, so now I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of:

    Kamisama Kiss vol 1-25 [COMPLETE]
    Kamisama Kiss vol 25 special edition
    Tokyo Ghoul re vol 6
    Vampire Knight: Memories vol 2

    Horimiya vol 12
    Ten Count vol 6 [to complete the series]

    *sets up camp at mailbox*
  11. Farny

    Farny New Member

    Today I didn't buy anything, but I'm planning to buy Psycho-Pass 2 vol. 1 and Shimanami Tasogare vol. 3 for the end of the month ^^
  12. HikikoKat

    HikikoKat Database Moderator

    Today I ordered volumes 1-6 of My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected light novels and pre-ordered volume 7. I don't usually make such big purchases all at once, but I couldn't help it for this. :love:
  13. zala

    zala Well-Known Member

    Posted by zala on Jan 18, 2019
    I bought Lone Wolf and Cub vol. 1. I realized that two of the stories were printed over each other, so I'm exchanging this for the copy that was next to it.
    I love local book stores.
  14. Lacimehc

    Lacimehc Well-Known Member

    One Piece volume 83
  15. YugiMoto

    YugiMoto Active Member

    I love sport and detective
  16. Grach

    Grach Active Member

  17. MordegonsBelladonna

    MordegonsBelladonna Well-Known Member

    I bought the first 3 Volumes of Deltora Quest not long ago after finishing the animu and enjoying the heck out of it.
  18. femcore

    femcore Well-Known Member

    Not sure where light novels fit into everything tbh


    I don't really do manga anymore, but Children of the Whales was an amazing anime so I had to.
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