What to watch with my 5 year old brother?

Discussion in 'Anime Recommendations' started by AGFireBolt, Apr 3, 2021.

  1. AGFireBolt

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    My little brother wants to want the same things I have been watching but I have no idea what to watch with him. He is very sensitive about death but he loves action. He also can't read so an English dub is preferable. Bad words and sexual stuff is also a no no. Everything else should be ok.
    For someone who pretty much only watches subbed romance or more graphic thrillers, I could use some help. Thanks in advance.
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  2. AssistBot

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    You may try one of these animes which have the family friendly tag. But i do not know if they have english dub.
  3. Warpuppy

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    For simple mindless action and fun I would say you can't go wrong with My Hero Academia

    If you want to check to see if an anime has a dub, there are a couple ways you can do it on Anime Planet. You can either go to an anime's page and scroll down to the characters section and click on the "See All Characters" button. On this page you will be able to see if there are only Japanese voice actors or if there are VAs for other languages including English.

    Alternatively if you want to filter your want to watch list on your profile page by English Dubs, you can click on More Filters, Other, and English Dubbed.
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  4. Clotilde

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    Mmmmmm, maybe cells at work? Someone correct me if I'm wrong but, I don't remember being any deaths on it or bad language in it. It has a bunch of action and, at least in my country, it's on dub in Netflix. Plus its really educational so it's a win-win.

    Or you could go the safe way and watch any of the ghibli movies.

    Hope it helps!
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  5. DarkZoroark

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    I think Pokémon might suit what you're looking for. It was the series I used to introduce my cousin to anime back when he was 4 years old, and the series is usually an instant hit with younger audiences.

    Other series I think could work are Beyblade and maybe The Devil is a Part-Timer!, though the latter is more comedy with a few action moments.
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  6. Franzi

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    Posted by Franzi on Apr 4, 2021
    You can't go wrong with digimon! I'm watching it at the moment with my 6 year old nephew who loves it.
    Cardcaptor Sakura is also very cool. I remember watching the original dub when i was little which may have censored a lot of it but damn if that opening wasn't catchy! They do have a new dub out now though that doesn't censor any of the lgbt themes i think.
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  7. FoodLife

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    You can't go wrong with Ghibli Movies . Everybody loves 'em, and I do know that a lot of their films have dubs
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  8. BlameSaiki

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    Hmm, super fun "kid" shows with action that I've seen are:

    -Dinosaur King
    -Sonic X
    -Dragon Ball (but there are some deaths in it, not sure how he'd handle that even if they are revived with the dragon balls)

    They all have dubs, as well :)

    As much as I love My Hero Academia, I wouldn't totally recommend it like someone else suggested above. If your brother is sensitive to death, then maybe I'd be careful with it since it does touch on the subject after season 3 rather heavily. But, if that's okay with him, then I'd also suggest Naruto and/or One Piece!
  9. Max4444

    Max4444 Well-Known Member

    Maybe Bofuri? It's pretty light hearted, and I don't remember it having any sexual stuff. I don't remember if it has deaths or not, I don't think it has deaths, but it takes place in a game so even if it does have death it isn't real death and it's just game over.

    An anime similar to Bofuri is Infinite Dendrogram, but I really don't remember if it has deaths or not, all I remember is it does have violence. It also takes place in a game so deaths are also just game over, unless the person is an NPC. Tbh I didn't really like it, but if your brother likes Bofuri, this is an anime with a similar setting.
  10. randomredneck

    randomredneck Well-Known Member

    ...He's 5 and can't read yet? I knew how to read before I was 3.

    Anyway, good kiddy show with action is Tenkai Knights. Bet he'd get a kick out of that one.
  11. NatK02

    NatK02 New Member

    My neighbore totoro
  12. Damonk

    Damonk New Member

    My Hero Academia might also be a good choice.
  13. RvLohengramm

    RvLohengramm Active Member

    5 years old, Pokemon is a good choise

    Candidate for goddess, nobody dies, no blood, good mecha.
    Super Dimensional Macross Fortress, very few blood, no explicit deaths and few, good mecha
    Irresponsible Captain Taylor, no blood, nobody dies, is like Macross but more relaxed.
    The Prince of tennis is for everybody, and fun.
    Aladdin movie, I saw this with 4 years.
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