What made or ruined your day?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by sothis, Jan 23, 2016.

  1. automotivated

    automotivated Well-Known Member

    w m m d / w r m d: a really random shoe rant nobody asked for

    apparently doc marten is releasing a year of the tiger (!!!!!!!) line very soon and theyre fucking gorgeous. my mom sent me a link about it. Ive been trying to find more information about it through a corporate social media account or the website but theres nothing about it anywhere. The article mentioned hong kong stores would get physical stock and im a bit worried that the shoes may not even be purchasable in the US. Ive always wanted a pair of docs (i mean, i was inevitably going to give into temptation) and with this collection coming out i feel like its the universe encouraging me to finally spend the copious amount of money... but if i cant order them or i miss the window to get them before they sell out im gonna be sad as hell, dude. Im a year of the tiger in the chinese zodiac and i have a tiger tattoo now. i gotta have the shoes to complete the trio, obviously?? i dont even care that the price points are $190/$220 i just. need. a. pair. its worrying that the only information ive found was a brief article and nothing on the actual company's end. I know docs are super sought out and if im out of the loop im 100% going to die from FOMO. if its incorrect or just limited to the hong kong area, theres not much i can do but by god im going to hunt those things down. I wouldnt normally believe a vague article but there were professional product photos sooo.
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  2. Vega

    Vega Well-Known Member

    I hope there's some way to get them! You'd think stuff like that would be a semi-popular import item.

    You need them!!!
  3. Nitroglycerin

    Nitroglycerin Well-Known Member

    Looks like they should be available online and in selected stores in the US so I can’t see why you wouldn’t be able to get them! Posted the link to the website article thing that says so
  4. Schizm

    Schizm Well-Known Member

    Well great, now that song is stuck in my head again.

  5. Nitroglycerin

    Nitroglycerin Well-Known Member

    Video blocked. What song?
  6. RogueLynx

    RogueLynx Well-Known Member

    "Dr. Marten's Boots" from "The Young Ones" apparently..?
  7. OkamiHime95

    OkamiHime95 Well-Known Member

    WRMD: Past 2 days (today and yesterday) have been absolutely sh*tty, and I can't take it anymore.
    I'm not getting into all of it here, because for one thing (as a future fyi), I absolutely hate it when people "joke" to me about my problems and act like they're nothing, and I'm still pissed & sad from the last time someone tried to... (Back when I vented about a couple of irl idiots calling me ret**ded.) Another reason being, because quite a lot of it is personal. However...
    Some relatives of mine caught Covid, so my mom and I have been freaking out, to say the least. Another relative has an extreme case of Pneumonia, and needs to have some kind of breathing machine, so that's another thing that's had my mom & I's anxiety extremely high. (The one with Pneumonia lives far away, but y'know, anxiety.) Then a couple of family friends and their son caught Covid, but thankfully they say their symptoms are just like colds, and they're just tired all the time.
    I think most people here know that I mostly get sh*tty dreams and have had sleep issues ever since I can remember, and while for awhile it was better, the past few days it went to sh*t... I KNOW it stems from all the anxiety, stress, and repressed anger and sadness, but as others with anxiety would tell you, you can't magically make it go away, no matter how much that person wishes to. I try to think positive thoughts or try thinking about a particular character from an anime for example, but it's rarely worked, and when it does, it either doesn't last for long, doesn't turn out how I actually wanted it, or it gets twisted into something weird, disgusting, horrifying, or simply dumb... I try to sleep to escape the real life drama/issues, but what's the point when I just experience drama/issues in dreams too? At least with bad dreams they'll go away once you wake up, but real life stuff is another story...

    My mom hasn't acted like herself for around the past week (personal matters, and due to reasons mentioned above) and the last 2 days have gotten worse. I love her so much I can't properly articulate it, but ngl, I'm getting sick of listening to her cuss a lot (which she very rarely ever does), and taking certain things out on me and my dad due to the stress. The cussing has rubbed off on me, as you can probably tell from my writing... And I normally don't cuss unless I'm VERY, EXTREMELY angry, so there's that... (I'm not angry with her, per-se, just the situation(s)) I try to be patient, since the both of us have anxiety and similar mental stuff, but it's getting to the point where I'm tired of walking on eggshells, tired of the yelling and arguments, tired of getting blamed for stuff that doesn't have anything to do with me, and I just want the bubbly, fun, humorous mom back that I know and depend on. :crying: Those positive aspects still show now and again, which I'm grateful for, but I'd just wish she'd feel better so that she's back to being all happy again.

    There's so many things that I want to accomplish, but my time management skills have pretty much gone down the drain, and I'm slowly losing focus on certain things. And I hate that. I also hate feeling tired 24/7, and just wish I had more energy. (Don't suggest me foods or drinks for more energy, cause my sensory issues make a lot of smells/textures/flavors absolutely disgusting to me lol.)

    Have had some people irl and online (not here) treat me like an idiot lately, and I've just been dealing with overall bullying /verbal abuse. So yeah, if it sounds like I'm having an attitude, it's cause I am. :pokerface: #NotTakingAnymoreSh*t
    Short version: Let me know when it's February, mm-kay? Thanks... :pokerface:
    I'm not looking for advice, and as said above, I don't want anyone to treat my issues like they're nothing or like I'm over-reacting, so I'm not in the mood for dark "humor", or any possible rude replies. (I know I don't have to worry about it with most of ya'll, but just in case.) I just... hardly have anyone to vent to, and bottling stuff up just makes me feel worse, so... :\

    Sorry for the depressive post, but at least the only highlights so far have been me reconnecting with an old friend, and finding new (to me) music that I...really needed to hear... Call me edgy if you want, but I'll just laugh.

    Edit: Why the eff..?! Stupid spoiler tags separating on me again when I don't mean them to. Gah.
  8. automotivated

    automotivated Well-Known Member

    hell yeah!!! thank you omg. there is hope!!

    w m m d:

    double porsche day! panameras arent my favorite models from the porsche lineup, but both of them were the V8 powertrain, and one was a turbo and they both were so much fun to test drive. big shout out to porsche for requiring you to drive half a dozen miles for the digital oil measurement feature to get a reading cause its making my job so much fun

    w r m d:
    on the not so fun flip side of things, we're down another person from covid at work. its a little concerning, but after being a bit of a dummy i finally scheduled for my booster and my flu shot. im gonna get both next friday that way ive got a weekend to recover from however im feeling. I didnt have much of a reaction to my second shot except some fatigue for about a day. Im hoping its the same this time but im just going to avoid taking that chance
  9. SpanglishJC

    SpanglishJC Well-Known Member

    Been a long while since I posted here, I think.
    WMMD (although this was on the 26th of December):
    I decided to change my profile picture to this karting one I took the day after Christmas. When visiting family over in Spain for Christmas, we usually go down for an afternoon to kart a bit. It was significant to me as I had always missed out every year on joining in due to my bloody anixiety gettting in the way, so I would instead just watch and take photos of everyone else. I actually really enjoyed it once I was able to conquer that anxious fear with a fair bit of help from @Kiruti!
  10. automotivated

    automotivated Well-Known Member

    w m m d:

    1. 14 days to go!
    2. weekend time babey hell yeah
    3. maserati bonding time
  11. niotabunny

    niotabunny Well-Known Member

    made: went to the store recently. thankfully the shelves were remotely stocked. however what made my day was the epic selection of plushies at Walmart for Valentine's Day. past couple years have been slim pickings, but this year it's two isles full! thanks for trying to keep the shelves stocked Walmart and Walmart workers. I don't venture into other stores, but thanks to you too!
  12. Vega

    Vega Well-Known Member

    WRMD: Not exactly day ruining. I went to the arcade as I usually do each month (which was fun!) and as expected I'm extremely exhausted. Also came to a bit of a realization that I have an extremely short fuse when exhausted so if anything exhausts me further after I get home I get really close to blowing up. Thankfully that didn't happen today but ughhh I hate how this happens and how I've always been like this (and it's probably not going to get any better either unfortunately).
  13. OkamiHime95

    OkamiHime95 Well-Known Member

    This is more like an LT kinda, but to give an update, since I think some have been worried about me since my last post, here's what went down. (I'd do a longer post, but I'm kind of getting tired, and am thinking of going to bed early. So, this'll be the short-ish version.)
    - My dad and I highly suspect that my mother is Anemic, since she just doesn't have hardly any energy in the day, and is tired almost 24/7. I thought it was just because her sleep schedule is wack (which it is, but tbf, she needs to take several important meds), but she's low on Iron and what not, so basically we've been trying to eat healthier the past few days. (I say "we", since I think I might be Anemic too, but not quite as bad? Gonna be a challenge for me though, because, y'know, sensory issues with most flavors/textures/smells.)

    - My mom is feeling emotionally better for the most part, and we've had some good mother-daughter talks & bonding time.

    - The healthy stuff that I HAVE eaten lately has helped me gain some energy, so while I still feel tired, I feel more...productive? If that makes sense? Like I wanna do and accomplish more than what I normally would.
  14. Yuurei

    Yuurei New Member

    A random person spoke to me outside. I don't know out often so I was happy change even some words
  15. UniversalParanoia1

    UniversalParanoia1 Well-Known Member

    School is closed today because of the ice and snow, YAY! :laugh:

    I told my friends all day yesterday we were gonna have a snow day the next day and they all told me it’s not gonna happen. They better thank me for doing the snow dance and flushing ice cubes to make it snow. Lol
  16. howtoprocrastinate

    howtoprocrastinate Well-Known Member

    It's always nice to have a snow day. All hail the Snow Queen!
  17. Thrawn


    WMMD: Friday had something at the post office but decided to go on monday. Except monday was a blizzard with 38 cm of snow, which is more than 12 inches of snow, as an informer. So I decide to go later today, where I get two emails, an hour apart, of two more packages waiting for pick-up. I can suspect what one is and guess the other two.
  18. williscreg

    williscreg New Member

    Nothing ruined my day actually but i had one unpleasant surprise today. I received my electricity bill today and it was approximately 50% higher than all previous months. I found here how to contact them and called sunrun phone number few times. Looks like it was some kind of mistake and everything will be sorted in a couple of days. Still bitter taste.
  19. automotivated

    automotivated Well-Known Member

    w m m d:
    super excited!!! ive been talking about it a lot this whole month but next weekend is my 5th session with my tattoo artist. Its been so much fun letting him have artistic control over the project (he does consult me on designs and makes sure i like it before actually doing anything to me, dont worry) and i had finally decided on some specific pieces i want on my outer forearm. i texted him immediately and was really hoping he would also dig my ideas and think that they would fit in well with the rest of the work thus far. this will be the first background session so i think it could work well. he replied a little over an hour and totally liked the idea!!!!!!! Im so hyped, and im glad i came up with something with time to spare. So excited for the sketch.

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