What made or ruined your day?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by sothis, Jan 23, 2016.

  1. Vega

    Vega Well-Known Member

    WMMD: Haven't had any vaccine side effects other than a sore arm. Even that's pretty minor, I can still do what I usually do with no issue.

    Really looking forward to my next shot in around 3 weeks then being able to go out about 2 or so weeks after that. I really need to find a way to more comfortably wear a mask though. I wore one at Walgreen's when I went to get my shot, and the cord was really digging into my ear. Might be because I wear glasses so I'm sure all I need is a little adjustment.
  2. Starletka

    Starletka Silver Supporter

    WRMD: Second day in a row I can't force any food down my throat, because I feel like I'm going to throw up all the time. It's nerves. It's always nerves.
  3. Claptrap

    Claptrap Database Moderator

    WRMD: My closest irl friend is in the hospital for Covid. I'm worried about them.
  4. Vuh

    Vuh Gold Supporter

    WMMD: At long last! Free time to kick back, put my feet up on my coffee table, and enjoy anime on my new TV, drinking a beer while I bask in the icy cool of the new A/C. Was it worth it? All those 70 hour weeks for a few hours of uninterrupted bliss? Oh yes.
  5. Nicknames

    Nicknames Database Moderator

    I hope he recovers soon
  6. OkamiHime95

    OkamiHime95 Well-Known Member

    WMMD: So long story short, my mom had a Violet in her garden for a long time now, and its sprouted "babies" over the years, but today there is exactly 26 of them, which is ironic & honestly fascinating to me considering my birthday is coming up. (To clarify easier, no she didn't plant 26 Violets; There's just that many that sprouted up by themselves.) I'd show pics, but they're somewhat blurry, and ya'll know I'm crap with computer/technology stuff. >_>
  7. pathospades

    pathospades New Member

    The violets are aligned. Make a wish.
  8. Vuh

    Vuh Gold Supporter

    WRMD: Wasted the better part of my morning "helping" a client unblock his debit card and reset our automated security measures so he can spend $1,200 on porn. God I hate my job.
  9. Vega

    Vega Well-Known Member

    ...who spends money on porn?
  10. Vuh

    Vuh Gold Supporter

    Some of my customers have overdrafted themselves on porn.
  11. Nitroglycerin

    Nitroglycerin Well-Known Member

    Free porn is actually a pretty shitty thing. At least when you pay for it there is a chance the actors are getting paid for their work. Free porn *might* be a rip of properly produced and distributed porn, but often it’s people who are trafficked or forced into sex work and then filmed, or filmed without people’s permission.
  12. theagencybakugo

    theagencybakugo New Member

    WRMD: stated late at work even though I come in early tomorrow lol
  13. RascaI

    RascaI Silver Supporter


    haven't watched anime in like a week.


    I've been housesitting my own house while the rest of my family is at a cousin's wedding out of state this week, and my two only irl friends have been keeping me company, basically for 5 days in a row. Really thankful to have them, loneliness is awful.

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