What are the origins behind your profile pic?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Guest, Jun 19, 2017.

  1. CaptainSlow

    CaptainSlow Database Moderator

    I just really, really dig Komi-san wa Komyushou desu.

    Probably because the titular Komi-san is pretty much a manga doppelganger of high school me, except better looking and not into dressing like a sloppy punk to deter people.
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  2. ZetsubouKaiji

    ZetsubouKaiji Forum Moderator Database Moderator

    I change my avatar all the time, but for now it's from Bob and Cooper from Twin Peaks having a screaming contest in the Black Lodge. I picked it to celebrate the show's continuation after 25 years.

    I'll likely change it again when I spot something new that makes me amused or just on any old whim.
  3. HasseRovdjur

    HasseRovdjur Breast Claw

    We were doing a watch of Patlabor, so of course I had to change my avatar to the best police captain in Japan.
  4. FullmetalDragon

    FullmetalDragon Well-Known Member

    Mine is Russia, because my profile pic for everything is Russia. I'm far too lazy to put any thought into what I want my profile pic to be, and I love Russia, so I've just stuck with him.
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  5. Schizm

    Schizm Well-Known Member

    Posted by Schizm on Jun 20, 2017
    I'm a huge fan of Cassandra Cain, the third Batgirl (or fourth if you count the DC Pre-Crisis stories). She wears the costume of the first Batgirl, Barbara Gordon, in the pic.
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  6. Gens

    Gens Database Moderator

    Posted by Gens on Jun 20, 2017
    Mine is best-o maid/troll from Re:creators. She's got the smile of an angel tbh.
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  7. chii

    chii Well-Known Member

    Posted by chii on Jun 20, 2017
  8. LinkSword


    From some cute ''summary'' comic strips of each Re Creators episode that Gen kindly shared. I like Meteora and she looks like she's telling everyone around to worship their new overlord Ham Sandwich, so it had to be used.
  9. AngelBeatsYui

    AngelBeatsYui Forum Moderator Database Moderator

    Nothing really special about my pic, it was just a manga I read recently and thought this character was cute so just made her my profile picture - for those interested the series is --->Jigoku Koi Sutefu
  10. Drahken

    Drahken Cross-eyed Cyclops

    We used to have a thread about this a long time ago, I wonder if it got axed or if it's just buried somewhere.... *shrug*

    The rabbit is from a panel of a garfield comic, the crane robot is from an episode of machine robo, the old man is catweasel, the grey robot is from gobots, the sphinx is from master of mosquiton. With most of them I just liked their expressions when I saw the images, the obvious exception being the rather... stimulated... crane robot.
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  11. randomredneck

    randomredneck Well-Known Member

  12. Taek

    Taek Well-Known Member

    Posted by Taek on Jun 20, 2017
    Surprisingly, not porn.
  13. Taek

    Taek Well-Known Member

    Posted by Taek on Jun 21, 2017

    Full image
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  14. Jamie

    Jamie Well-Known Member

    Posted by Jamie on Jun 21, 2017
    The same.
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  15. Thrawn


    Back in Ye Olden Days, there was the forums, and it was good. Then, a group of individuals went and watched one of the greatest series to ever grace the site, filled with clowns, homoerotic moments, sadism, debauchery, violence, mayhem, homicidal clowns, homoerotic clowns, more violence and an Elephant Car that took no shit from no punk ass murder clown. It was called, Popee the Performer, with three patron saints: Kedamono, the Ever Butt Monkey who suffers constantly and gets dem chicken. Ever fed, and is somehow the least homoerotic. Popee, the Murderous Psychopath of violence, mayhem and knives, for may his be ever sharp. And Papi, where my avatar comes from. The saint of homoerotic clownism, deep cleaning, the sun, both benevolent and wrathful, mothers and milk. Especially milk.
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  16. BrainBlow

    BrainBlow Well-Known Member

    Blue giant sad waifu turned into shocked blue giant sad waifu, and I knew I had my avatar, for the time being.
    All the other alternatives I were mulling over were just more blue giant sad waifu.
    It's just from an artist who makes porn. We know what you were doing when you found that pic.
  17. Daisuki

    Daisuki Member

    I love CLAMP's art, especially in Kobato. The vibrant colors, feeling of spring, and Kobato's headband in the picture made me smile. I wanted to share the picture with others, hoping they will smile and enjoy the art too.

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