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  1. FullmetalDragon

    FullmetalDragon Well-Known Member

    Hello everyone!!

    Welcome to WECO (Anime Planet Welcoming Committee), where our aim is to give every new user a warm welcome to the site! We're a club of volunteers, led by yours truly, @Rntt89 and @ichigodaisuki, who spend our time helping others adjust to the site, and hopefully encourage them to stick around and get involved with the site!

    Here's a brief history of how WECO came to be
    Long ago, in a land far, far away (or close. idk, depends on how near the US you are), the brave adventurer, @Sianeka, began her quest to welcome all the new users to anime planet. And so, began WECO. Along the way, many others joined her quest, calling themselves greeters, and gallantly supporting Sia in this seemingly impossible task. But then, along came the most fearsome boss of all - real life responsibilities. Alas, Sia fell to this horrible beast, and for a while, all was lost, until three of her brave greeters, @FullmetalDragon, @FriendlyDemon and @Rntt89 took up her quest for themselves, and so began the new WECO.

    Now, WECO, with its many amazing greeters, work tirelessly to ensure all new users receive a warm welcome to the site, and occasionally share a few memes.

    Now for the important stuff - how it all works!

    If you want to start greeting, all you have to do is click on this link, you will find a list of new members that need greeting. You can do as many or as few names as you want, however often you want. You don’t even need to be registered as a WECO greeter - if you fancy doing a bit of greeting, hop on the link and go for it! However, please don't greet any bots - these are not real people, so just ignore them.

    Greeter of the month

    This will be awarded at the end each month (what a shock!) to a particular greeter who we think has been doing great work. This won’t necessarily be the person who greets the most new users per month (although doing so would definitely help your chances of getting this!), so don’t think because you can’t commit to greeting hundreds of users a day you stand no chance of getting this award. We’re looking to see who engages best with new members when they ask questions, who has a super creative and interesting greeting message, who helps promote the club the best etc.

    We also welcome recommendations for this award. If you’re a new member, and you think your greeter did a particularly good job of welcoming you to this site, and deserve this award, then let us know!

    If you win this award, you’ll get a personalised ‘greeter of the month’ badge, which you can display on your signature and profile, plus bragging rights for being the greeter of the month!

    Example badge:

    Daily streak award

    This will be awarded to anyone who has greeted at least 10 names a day for 7, 30 and 100 days in a row. If you do this, you get to display one of our awesome badges on your signature and profile as long as you like (even if you break the streak later on)!

    7 Day badge:

    To be eligible for these awards, we ask that you register as an official greeter (so we can stalk you more easily know to check on you) To do that, all you need to do is either post a message here or add a comment on one of our profiles (at the top)! It’s that easy! The only things we require is that you've read the whole of this first comment, to understand the rules, and have been on the site for at least a month!

    Here’s a list of the current greeters:

    You'll notice the greeters are split into teams! This is to both make it easier for us to communicate with you, as well as for a little friendly rivalry! If you have any questions about WECO, you should go and ask your team leader - whether it's for how something works, or if you want to let us know you're taking a break from greeting. We may even have a few events where we compete against the other teams :P

    If you do decide to register as a greeter and need more than a week off greeting, we ask that you let us know, since we'll be keeping an eye on you, and don't want to have too much unnecessary work to do! If you do end up not greeting for a week and not letting us know, we will automatically ignore you, which could mean that we don't mark down when you do greet, which will jeopardise your chances of getting a badge!

    Greeter game!

    To make things a little more fun, we have created a greeting game!

    Each week, one of the three of us will pick a random new user from the list. We won’t tell anyone who that is, or what day they joined, so it could be anyone! Whoever ends up greeting that user will get to pick a picture that we have to put in our signature for the next three weeks! Obviously, we request that the picture be PG and follow the forum’s rules, and we reserve the right to request another picture if we feel it is inappropriate, but otherwise, anything is fair game!

    FAQ sheet
    WECO has put together a FAQ sheet for new users, which we think all new users will find super useful! It contains all of the questions we've found new users ask a lot, and a few we think will just be handy generally :D For new users - please, go ahead and have a look! And greeters, feel free to use it in your greeting - I'm sure the users you greet will be very grateful!
    Here it is!

    If you think WECO is a good idea, we would love it if you could help promote the club! Here are some banners, which you can put in your signature, on you profile - wherever, really!

    WECO banners















    If you want to be invited to the WECO channel on anime planet’s discord, let us know and we can send you an invite! We’d love to see you there!

    WECO leaders past and present
    @FullmetalDragon Oct 2017-
    @Rntt89 Oct 2017-
    @ichigodaisuki Mar 2018-

    @FriendlyDemon Oct 2017-Mar 2018

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  2. FullmetalDragon

    FullmetalDragon Well-Known Member

    Since the first post is already kinda crammed, we'll keep a hall of fame for Greeter of the month here. Well done to everyone who's made the list!

    Greeters of the Month:
    October 2017: @lindapearl
    November 2017: @Majishan
    December 2017: @NamikoYori
    January 2018: @Watashizashi
    February 2018: @ichigodaisuki
    March 2018: @ScorpioVelvet
    April 2018: @SaberHikari
    July 2018: @zala
    Well, we're off to a great start, already in the wrong section.

    And this is why you have to pay extra attention when you're nervous :baka:
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2018
  3. Vega

    Vega Well-Known Member

    Posted by Vega on Oct 2, 2017
    I was just about to tell you this was in the wrong section! :-P
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  4. FullmetalDragon

    FullmetalDragon Well-Known Member

    Awesome, thanks for moving it :D
  5. ZetsubouKaiji

    ZetsubouKaiji Forum Moderator Database Moderator

    Moved this to the right place and locked the old threads, so you guys can have a fresh start.
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  6. FriendlyDemon

    FriendlyDemon Well-Known Member

    Hello team!
    I will use this post to update everyone of you on your current streak and total number of greetings done so far. Let's have a friendly competition inside our team and see who can greet the most users until the end of the year :) Who knows there might be some badges up for grabs! :P

    Have fun greeting and don't forget to refresh often!

    Member______________ Member since ________ Streak ________ Total number of greetings
    @Abareyellow___________ 4 Oct. _________________ 0____________________ 1107(+231)
    @XxAnabananaxX _____ 11 Feb. _________________ 0 ________________________ 0(+0)
    @ArnoMizuno___________ 8 Dec. _________________ 2______________________ 566(+199)
    @Bestanimeserie________ 5 Oct. _________________ 1 ______________________ 636(+162)
    @hellhammer6789_____ 10 Oct. _________________ 0 _______________________ 27(+8)
    @HKBattosai(hiatus)____ 30 Oct. _________________ 0 ______________________ 230(+0)
    @ichigodaisuki___________ 7 Oct. ________________ 19 _____________________ 844(+280)
    @Majishan_______________ 4 Oct. _________________ 0_____________________ 4582(+481)
    @Sykes ___________________ 9 Jan. _________________ 0______________________ 102(+13)
    @Watashizashi___________ 4 Oct. _________________ 2____________________ 3295(+772)
    @TheMasterOtaku ______ 3 Jan. _________________ 0_________________________ 2(+0)
    @zerothehero(hiatus)____ 17 Oct. ________________ 1 ______________________ 302(+0)

    Total number of greeting done by team: 10935(+2146 since 14 January)
    Last checked date: 9 February 2018
    Crisis averted!!!
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    Last edited: Feb 12, 2018
  7. FullmetalDragon

    FullmetalDragon Well-Known Member

    That's brilliant, thank you so much :smile:
  8. Rntt89

    Rntt89 Active Member

    Posted by Rntt89 on Oct 2, 2017
    Awesome! Thank you so much!!:smile:
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  9. Rntt89

    Rntt89 Active Member

    Posted by Rntt89 on Oct 3, 2017
    Hiyaa! Everyone on Anime-Planet! How are you doing?

    So WECO is officially back *excited*, and we wanted to start the fun events we prepared for you as soon as possible! So I volunteered to go first on the “Find the User” event we decided to do.

    Do you know what this is? Of course no, we just thought about it! So let me explain!

    Every week, one of us (the magnificent ME, FullmetalDragon and FriendlyDemon) will choose one new member that joined this week (I’ll choose one from 2-7 October, so you know where to look) and if someone of you finds him and greets him before I post again to say that this event came to its end you can mess up with my signature as much a s you want. But PG13 is the limit people, we have some young people in the site too and yeah I just want to hold my worthless pride a little more!

    So who can participate? The answer is everyone! You don’t need to say anything if you want to take part in that, if you find the user and greet him I’ll get back to you and tell you that you won the right to make me carry a stupid image in my signature for the next 3 weeks. Now isn’t that fun?

    Also the name of the user won’t be posted here because you know no one want to be part of a game without knowing so I won’t post the name unless he/she agrees to that. Until then you’ll have to trust me (I’m not a sneaky one, I muster the courage to do the game so I won’t back off cowardly)!!

    So I’m waiting for anyone that wants to take part in this challenge, yeah come on! I’ll take you all on!

    P.S. BONUS: If by any chance a second person greet or comment on the person I choose he/she gets to choose an OVA (2 episodes max) or a One-shot (Manga) to watch or read until the end of the next week . But don’t get fooled by thinking I have the luxury of time by my side; I barely find time to sleep so choose wisely if you are the second person you won! (The Bonus part is valid only for me so please refrain from ask other people to do it).

    What are you waiting for? Go greet all the names between 2-7 October if you want to mess up with me!!

    Last edited: Oct 4, 2017
  10. FullmetalDragon

    FullmetalDragon Well-Known Member

    @lindapearl joins as our first official greeter! So happy to have you on board! :drinking:
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  11. FriendlyDemon

    FriendlyDemon Well-Known Member

    Glad to have you, @lindapearl!!!
  12. FriendlyDemon

    FriendlyDemon Well-Known Member

    @ColloquialDuck joins us as a greeter! We are happy to have him on board! Let's have lots of fun together!
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  13. Kana

    Kana Member

    Posted by Kana on Oct 3, 2017
    YAAAAYS! I'm so happy the WECO is back! So ofc I'll come back to greeting (-*w*-) Thank you for leaving a comment on my profile behind about this too <3 (-^w^-)
  14. Rntt89

    Rntt89 Active Member

    Posted by Rntt89 on Oct 3, 2017
    Hi @Kana !!! We're very glad to have you!!^^ :smile:
  15. Rntt89

    Rntt89 Active Member

    Posted by Rntt89 on Oct 3, 2017
    @Watashizashi joins us as a greeter too!! We're thrilled to have you on board!! :drinking:
  16. originalbonbon

    originalbonbon New Member

    Okayyy you all seem too nice for me to say no. I'll come back as a greeter. :smile: I wasn't even aware that WECO disbanded though (just noticed the lack of emails from Sia) -- what happened?
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  17. FullmetalDragon

    FullmetalDragon Well-Known Member

    Yay! That's brilliant! We look forward to working with you!

    I imagine it was probably getting to be too much work, although you'd have to ask her yourself!
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  18. FullmetalDragon

    FullmetalDragon Well-Known Member

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  19. FullmetalDragon

    FullmetalDragon Well-Known Member

    @Tacos360 becomes the newest WECO greeter! Happy to have you with us! :drink:
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  20. Rntt89

    Rntt89 Active Member

    Posted by Rntt89 on Oct 4, 2017
    So many new people!! Jump to the hype train new greeters!! :love::love:

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