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Discussion in 'Currently Airing Anime' started by Damias, Mar 25, 2019.

  1. Damias

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    Posted by Damias on Mar 25, 2019
  2. Damias

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    Posted by Damias on Mar 25, 2019
  3. Thrawn


    Posted by Thrawn on Mar 25, 2019
    God it had better have some Sensei ass shots. But this is some good shit.
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  4. Etue

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    Posted by Etue on Apr 6, 2019
    Episode 1

    This definitely smells like a harem. The girls designs are quite okay not very imaginative but at least expressive and the artstyle is pretty decent too making the designs stand out a bit more from the standard but at the same time it makes things look a bit glossy I suppose and the male characters don't like quite as sharp and detailed as the female ones all feeling a bit budget in places even if they moved.

    It feels quite a cheap series as it stands I'd say. The sort of series that aims at being okay-ish with no real attempts at reaching any great heights but being content and being just okay-ish throughout it's run. Here's to hoping it's at least a bit memorable.
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  5. 8MangaMan

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    Episode 1:

    This seasons harem series is off to an interesting start. I'm happy with the avoidance of the "first girl" problem by having both Ogata and Furuhashi be introduced to Yugia at the same time. It so far has made it seem too deliberate in how much of an equal start they both get though. Back to back each sharing a secret with our MC, each having a turn getting him flustered. I hope this was more of an introduction for them thing then a recurring theme. It also makes me wonder how they'll make that third girl at the end be on equal footing with these two. Childhood friend maybe? That card is still in the deck.

    The animation looks fine, some of the designs already remind me of Nisekoi a bit. I hope the introductions of the cast don't take too long or they are spaced out well as I look forward to see what this series can do when it's on it's feet.
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  6. hell0emi

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    Interested to see where this goes...
  7. SMores

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    Posted by SMores on Apr 7, 2019
    Episode 1: Double Fresh Doublemint Gum

    I can actually relate to these girls. Growing up, I always wanted to be a writer, but I completely suck at it. Math and science came easily, though, so I went into healthcare, and then IT. I took the easy way out. Mad respect for these girls challenging themselves to do what they're passionate about.

    Aside from that, this anime was mediocre af, not even a little bit funny, and not even a little bit original. The character designs are alright, but nothing special enough to hold my attention for the entire season. I'm not sure when I'm going to drop this, but I'm pretty confident it'll happen eventually.
  8. Etue

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    Posted by Etue on Apr 7, 2019
    I think the artdirection is quite unique colour palet and shading/colouring wise but the main characters lack somewhat in inspired design between them. One as an anime fan experiences a lot of art directions and they eventually blend into each other that's when the fan somewhat looks at a character and goes what makes this character stand out from the rest. Just having nifty colouring and shading is easily glossed beyond in this situation and then it kind of boils down to line-art for the most part. And looking beyond the colouring and inventive shading you kind of get a bit underwhelmed. Both girls have distinctive eyes and body contours, yes. But their hair is somewhat uninspired and their movements are not animated enough to give them a distinctive way of emoting physically I suppose. We're all drawn to the face and although expressive and distinctive mostly through their distinctive eye design the characters faces eventually do draw attention back to their entire head. Considering we have an uninspireed bob-cut and a hime-esque-cut as the only thing in this anime that makes the girls more bland then they need to be. Added to that is the third girl being hinted at has the last inspired haircut of all as a messy head of hair that any genki-girl would sport.

    Yada Yada ( cut monologue added here )

    Of course there's unique expressions between the two of them so far but unless that get's rooted in the characters personality over the course of the series that means relatively little.
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  9. niotabunny

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    harem, ecchi and high school oh my! to be honest, started this over on Hulu last night just because I could. figure why not, as I can state I'm possibly addicted to animation, there isn't much I won't drift towards eventually. it started out solid, good music, good start with the introduction and quick back stories and why they want to study outside their normal. and now that I've begun, I just have to watch to see if they are able to pull it off so they can achieve their dream or forever stuck in what comes normal/natural as they say.
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  10. Annalices

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    Episode 1
    This was a very fun anime. I really like the character designs - especially the color schemes and crisp coloring- and the two main girls look to be a lot of fun. However, some of the jokes ran dry, ie obligatory boob swipe, and it seems to be heading into harem area. I sincerely hope ecchi won't saturate this series, especially since it is already off to a good start.

    Basically MC is jack of all trades but not exceptional in one subject, and the girls are exceptional in only one subject, but not a jack of all trades.
    This anime also kind of reminds me of Quintessential Quintuplets
  11. LordAinz

    LordAinz Well-Known Member

    Episode 1

    A decent start. The characters are likable enough, if a bit cliche personality wise, and it had a few good gags. Its vaguely similar to Quintessential Quintuplets, but as someone who really enjoyed that show I doubt this show will ever reach that level for me. Still, it seems like it could be a fun enough anime, and the first episode was decent, so I'm going to keep watching.
  12. Etue

    Etue Well-Known Member

    Posted by Etue on Apr 13, 2019
    Episode 2

    This pacing was a bit radical in a worse meaning of the word. I hope it get's more grounded after this because the haphazard way this episode's plot developed with very trimmed scenes with little transition between events even while they were connected. It just felt messy due to how much just went on in one episode. It was practically fast forwarding the introduction and throwing in one shots with little plot influence to finish the episode.

    Overall, still quite charming in a way but certainly one of the messiest second episodes for this type of series. The first episode was very barebones but got introductions done and some cute scenes. This second episode had so much extra baggage thrown in in comparison and lacked focus I feel.
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  13. 8MangaMan

    8MangaMan Well-Known Member

    Episode 2:

    So I was right about the childhood friend part. Kinda. Middle School may have been a little later in that department than I was expecting but I'm gonna take those points anyway. With the new girl Takemoto we also got our real first glimpse at some romance, though rather loosely. She seems pretty possessive too not giving Ogata any alone time with him. When Yugia was asked to help teach her and he responded with no way, I really wish it wasn't immediately followed with it being dismissed as a thought he had. It ruined that joke for me and having him try to weasel his way out of it with the principal would have been great.

    I'm not a fan when they use those little tiny heads to show them talking. It's fine if it's just someone retorting or alike but it was used this episode for a full conversation and it just felt lazy to me.

    Teaching her through swimming seemed way to silly. "She focuses more when she's swimming" sure I'll buy that but is this how you'll be tutoring her from now on? I did get a good chuckle when Takemoto ended up giving Yugia her swimsuit by accident. Seems she'll be the clumsy one.

    Man going into this I wasn't expecting as much fan-service as we are getting. It's like the exact opposite of how Quintessential Quintuplets looked like it would be full of it but had so little, yet this I thought it would be used here and there as a joke maybe but there's quite a bit used for not much reason.
  14. AdmiralMuffin

    AdmiralMuffin Well-Known Member

    Finally gave in and decided to pick this up.

    It's...fine so far. Kinda hard not to compare this to Quintessential Quintuplets but I think it's distinct enough to stand on its own. It is certainly generic but fun enough. The girls are cute at least and none of them are insufferable so that's a big plus for me.
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  15. hell0emi

    hell0emi Well-Known Member

    I’m actually surprised how much I’m enjoying this one
    It makes me laugh and I like all the MC’s, the designs are nice
    I wonder if we will get a love confession from Takemoto soon?
  16. hell0emi

    hell0emi Well-Known Member

    I scream when I step on the scales too, can relate
  17. hell0emi

    hell0emi Well-Known Member

    Bath episodes always end up either terrible or hilarious and this one was pretty funny.
    It seems like each girl is getting an episode where they’re the focus, wonder if he will actually end up with any of them or no
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  18. SoulTheKid


    You just had to add the "sister lusts after her brother" element, didn't you? I was really enjoying this anime since it's a slightly fanservicy-er QQ, but that moment where she sniffed his bed really squicked me out. Hope that doesn't become a huge thing later on, otherwise I may have to drop this.
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  19. tootalls

    tootalls Well-Known Member

    He also seems more into her than any of the girls in his school.
  20. SoulTheKid


    This episode has cemented Furuhashi as my favorite character.

    First, she eavesdrops at the door and bursts in to "stand up" for Yuiga by admitting to Kirisu that she's let him touch her stomach and see her underwear.
    Next, she figures out that Takemoto and Ogata both like Yuiga based on context clues.
    Last, instead of telling Yuiga the above, she decides to let him flounder simply so she can watch it unfold from the sidelines.

    Too bad the next episode makes it look like she's going to catch feelings too. I would have enjoyed it more if she was the only one who knew what was happening.

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