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Discussion in 'Specific Anime Discussion' started by chii, Aug 31, 2017.

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    Posted by chii on Aug 31, 2017
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    Confession time. This entire time I've been misreading the title as Violent Evergarden. Despite that title being utter nonsense I had a very clear vision of what the show was going to be so I never bothered to read the synopsis. Just today I noticed the title is Violet Evergarden, then I read the synopsis. It sounds a lot like Plastic Memories. I hated Plastic Memories. Now I am significantly less antsy for the subs to come out.
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    Posted by Gens on Jan 10, 2018
    It's still always veeeeeeeeeery difficult for me not to be skeptical of any light novel adaptations. People have been hyping this title up like crazy around the net, but I feel like I'm probably not going to be all that in love with it. If nothing else, at least it's going to be complete eye porn, with Kyoani at the helm.

    Anyway, Asenshi's got this up for grabs, it should be up sometime shortly.
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    I hope it lives up to hype. I tend to like Kyoani stuff..........

    If the work that goes into the visuals mean anything..............why put so much into shit content?

    I'm optimistic.

    it does sound like plastic memories..........

    But plastic memories wasn't bad because of it's premise, in fact the premise showed promise in sections where drama was focused on in side arcs rather than the main story.

    It was bad because it wanted to be a generic rom-com badly despite the premise.
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    Posted by Gens on Jan 10, 2018
    This point is completely irrelevant to me tbqh, there's plenty of content out there that's complete shit with amazing visuals. Good visuals /= quality of story.
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  6. Alebord

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    That's one of the show i was most hyped for this season and it didn't let me down!
    I looks gorgeous.
    EDIT: It looks gorgeous.
    God i'm happy!
    I'm a big addict to nice art.
    I don't even know what to say about it, so i'll keep it short,
    Everything is nice about it.
    The story isn't what i expected, but i liked it anyway and it's cute.
    I can't critic anything about it because i like the art too much.
    That was awesome. I liked it so much and i'll watch it all.
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  7. Scalpelexis

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    This has been quite the day. After Koi wa Amagari no You ni Violet Evergarden picks up the thrown glove..

    Episode 1

    ..And manages to surpass it. Now, I think it is common knowledge that people in Kyoto Animation are quite the magicians, but this in high quality just looks absolutely stunning.
    I can't stress enough the movements, the details of the Victorian world, the quirky moments like camera through fire or Violet's hands, the car. In terms of visuals, this is something else and I couldn't enjoy it more than I did. Beautiful.

    Music is poetic and lyrical, fitting with the emotional undertones of the story. Love the classic style, the pianos, this is my cup of coffee.

    Story is probably the weakest link, but I can't say it didn't do well. It is paced slowly, giving us a solid introduction to the world and the past of Violet; understanding her past is key to her behavior and motives. So far it is modelled decently, with potential.

    Violet herself is almost as one of the audience since she knows too little as we do and we will be revealing everything with her hand in hand. It promises some cute moments, but also some bad revelations to happen.

    A category for itself are emotions and the scenes asociated with them. With the help of the music and the visuals, it gives a solid punch and the ending of this episode has one of the strongest emotional landings of all 1st episodes in anime. I love that Kyoto is not afraid to show blood, Violet trying to pull Gilbert without her hands using her teeth was clenching. The war scenes are also a pleasure to watch, it looks very raw.

    In my opinion this has lived to its hype and Kyoto surpassed WIT, because this is just top notch experience. Fingers crossed for the story to at least keep on or get even better.
  8. tootalls

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    Well that, I'm sure, as there is generally plenty of content. But on a percentage point of view from what I can think of, most above the bar animation shows tend to be above average shows, while most obviously low budget shows tend to be average to below average content.

    Edit: @Scalpelexis' comment raises my optimism even higher.
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  9. SentientCrab

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    Nothing in the synopsis made it into this episode. I too was expecting more like plastic memories, but I haven't actually seen it, where there's a robot girl and she wants catch the feels. Here she doesn't seem to be entirely a robot since she exhibits some emotion. World is amazing, art is amazing, character designs are perfect, but the plot is really wonky. It feels like we've been thrown in to the second half of something (take a shot every flashback). Don't know why they're stretching out the major's death. He is clearly dead from the start of the ep; but they decide to shield Violet from this, and she seems to be obsessively asking about him then magically stops? Not sure why "Oh I have robot hands" needed to be such a big reveal, or why Ms. Evergarden wasn't informed about the person who was staying in her house, or why Colonel guy leaving the military had to be a mini twist. For a studio pretty famous for its characters it would be nice to have some reasons for why I should care about Violet besides "look she needs help, so moe~" I've seen that before, give me something interesting. It has potential for being good, but I wouldn't say this was a good episode.
    Also just because Violet wants to know what "I love you means" doesn't mean she's speaking for herself as the anime puts it. She could just be trying to figure out what his final order was.
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  10. Guest

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    Posted by Guest on Jan 10, 2018
    Best episode of the year so far.

    Episode One
    Excellent animation of course but also a wonderful soundtrack. The entire episode had me hooked because I'm automatically connected to Violet and understand her struggle and situation without the use of a ton of flashbacks or anything. Thus the episode could easily transition us into what this is about, coming of age and becoming a part of civilian life, learning to love and have emotions despite the military upbringing. Thus we have a stoic character in Violet in a situation full of whimsy and good natured entertainment. As a light novel adaptation I was surprised by the detail of the world and how little it resembled anything I've ever seen.

    I mean, I kind of figured going in I'd love it as it's no big secret I love KyoAni but this blew me away and was far and above what I expected. I can't wait to see where it goes and hope it continues to be a subtle character study and probably romance.
  11. HawkAussie

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    So Episode 1 is out and the art style was wonderful. But for me, I didn't feel the interest of Violet yet as she is not really connecting with me so far but the background of where she came from could make it an interesting story.

    So my reaction for Episode 1 but I put in as a spoiler just in case there was anything that could spoil it (even if it isn't)
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  12. interregnum

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    Pretty--and pretty boring.

    I connected with nothing about this episode.

    No--that's not true, actually. I connected with the opening scene. So for the show to be not-about that opening scene (no matter how much things surrounding it might linger throughout the series) was quite the disappointment.

    I, like so many, have a love affair with KyoAni, so that alone buys it another episode. hopes aren't high.
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  13. Teophan

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    Thank god I wasn't the only one.

    EP 1

    The hype was real.
    I think I see where some are having an issue with the show. Don't take the synopsis literally. More like guidelines.

    So we have Violet, a girl who was thrown into a 4 year war as a child. The one guy took her under his wing and, like a loyal dog, she did everything she could to please him. AKA follow every order he gave. It's obvious she was powerful and probably the best at what she did......until the very end where she lost her arms and he died.

    Now, as for the plot/storyline, ep 1 set it up perfectly. You have Violet. A teen or young adult that has lost her arms in battle, has been conditioned to only follow orders, lost her arms, and is just now starting to grow up in the real world and think for herself. This will be the main focus.

    He got out, started a postal service and holds some sort of guilt over himself from whatever happened to the guy and Violet during what appeared to be a trial. It's clear he and the dude had some agreement for him to take care of her if he should die.

    The blonde kid
    Not enough info to tell.

    The Evergarden's
    They have to have some sort of connection to the guy that died to just take Violet in like that. I'm curious about the snag.

    The memory loss
    It's clear that the flashbacks will serve as a device throughout the show. We will get more and more memories via the flashback. Eventually leading up to what when down to meet his death and loss of her arms.

    The flashbacks/War
    This will also be part of the device to move the story forward and to find out what the hell happened in those 4 years and why.

    The confession
    This is a part of the story that will develop Violet into a woman. It will help her understand what love is, what emotions are, how to express them, and, eventually, how to move on. She understands that somewhere, deep down she knows that it's something important, but doesn't get how. We see this when she asks on her own to join the dolls.

    The Dolls
    Not actual dolls but ghostwriters. This is where the story continues. We will get more side characters and watch Violet experience and develop the mission emotions she's needed via the ghostwriters.

    Overall EP 1 was amazing. The music, scenery, animation, characters. I'm all in for this. ALL ABOARD THE HYPE TRAIN. NOW LEAVING!!!!
  14. RascaI

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    A one

    Oh. So that's where the quality for the rest of the shows this season went.

    Okay time to break this down, this was by far the best pilot this season. Wow. God, I can barely find the words. That's just incredible.

    But I found the words. Here they are.

    • Details. The way they animated these subtle, natural movements. Things like taking that extra hesitant step when entering a room too quickly, or adjusting yourself while standing, I refuse to believe that this was done without actors. Amazing technique, I'm absolutely inspired by these little subtle changes in stance, facial expression, movement patterns... there's just unreal attention to detail.
    • Eyes. The eyes of the characters. They even talked about them, how they look like jewels. It's all very consistent and has this magical yet natural quality.
    • Setting. They absolutely nailed this, and it's more grounded than I've ever seen it. I love this period.
    • Real. It just feels authentic for all those reasons and the other reasons I have. It feels like this is something that would happen in real life.
    • Natural. Flow to dialogue. This is what makes it so natural feeling, one of the things at least, I love the way the characters personalities play into what they bounce off each other. Its effortless. Fantastic writing.
    • Textures. The texture techiques used are very subtle but they're there, and boy do they make a difference.
    • Hands. Another thing about the realism is her hands. HER HANDS. the mechanical hand thing doesn't always feel real, but here they seem better than in any live action movie. Mechanical hands ARE unnatural by nature, it would make sense they seem that way.
    • Layers. The layered lighting style adds so much atmosphere and depth.
    • Atmosphere. The lighting near the end when it's night and they're in a city, was so mesmerizing. I could almost smell the atmosphere.
    • Character. The main character is comprehensible, and you can tell a lot about her just by how she acts. The injury is done well, the blood acts like blood.
    • Feelings. It even made me feel something by the end. The letter they wrote as the battle flashback was going on created a perfect moment of contrast.

    Are you kidding, this swings wit around by its left foot, knocks it against the Zamboni, and tosses it out of the fudging stadium!
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  15. tootalls

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    Well I got around to watching the 1st episode.

    it was great...........totally locked in for the season.

    Wish they just told her the major was dead when she was at least half expecting him to be dead, that would have been the perfect time to drop the bomb. Now it'll just be torturous when she DOES find out. first she's gonna learn what love means, then realize she loved the major, and THEN find out he died? cruel..........just cruel..........

    aside from that, it was pretty neat.
  16. renorxukuth

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    Episode 1
    This anime is amazing the animation + music is topnotch. Violet as a character, I like, as well as the former colonel. Although I do feel like this is some sort of sequel, the way they talk about the war and all that. Hopefully they go into it more. Also what's up with the Germanic theme lately? Tanya, Izetta and now this..
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  17. HasseRovdjur

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    Episode 1
    Hasse's law of light novel adaptations: if they have a woman as the main character, it won't suck. Slayers, Dirty Pair, Library Wars, and now this. My theory holds water yet. What a relief.

    It's a promising start, and it avoids many of the pitfalls associated with light novels, and feels far more literary in quality than its peers. The outstanding visuals help, but the CGI is not that impressive, and the yellow-tinted shadows are a bit of a turn-off. The ghost writer lady also felt incredibly obnoxious in her design.

    I dig the novel-for-anime premise about someone learning to adjust to civilian life and finding your own way after being ordered about, but it's all a bit... twee for my tastes. It's to be expected since it's KyoAni, but it leans too far to the saccharine side of things even so. Sure, they handle some pretty heavy stuff, and won't shy away from grisly details, but there is an air of light-heartedness that makes me ill at ease.

    The characters are a bit meh, as well, and I don't find myself caring for either Violet nor the now-retired Lt. Colonel all that much. Hopefully this will change, and there is room for improvement and attachment as this goes on.

    It set things up well, and we don't get an overabundance of infodumping, and the show is content with letting things lie ever now and then. This is obviously worthy of applause, especially in a light novel adaptation.
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  18. Zed

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    Posted by Zed on Jan 11, 2018
    just went to my list to see if i can prove you wrong
    why the hell don't i have a single LN adaption with a female lead in my watched list?
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  19. Teophan

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    It was clear that she wasn't and still isn't mentally ready to handle the news. He realizes that she is still stuck in the major giving her orders. Look at how he had to tell her to eat.

    If he told her she would have accepted that she is no longer needed and willed herself to death.

    I think they will wait to tell her he is dead or allow her the time to realize this by herself. She needs a lot of time and work to get her to being a normal girl and him being alive is how and motivation.

    However, it may also be possible that she already knows but isn't saying anything cause she doesn't want to believe it.
  20. Gens

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    Posted by Gens on Jan 11, 2018
    I think, I'm in a half-way house on this episode between people here. It was decent, and I liked it, but it didn't have me foaming at the mouth for more, stellar animation aside. There's potential, but I'd really have to see more. I still favor, Koi wa Ameagari no You ni's first episode over this one.

    So, basically, I'm sitting firmly in Hasse's camp.
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