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    Posted by Gens on Aug 4, 2019

    Wow, this was actually a completely anime original episode, and it was actually damn great. WIT studio knows how to do fucking anime original content, and I appreciated them giving some extra context for Thorfinn. This is really the sign of a great studio to me when they can even nail original stuff.
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    Ep 5:

    Good first steps to changing my image of Thorfinn.
    I figured he was going to be forced to survive on his own even though he was with those mercs, bu the insight we got into Thorfinn now that things have calmed down was great. Really glad to see all of Thors lessons haven't gone to deaf ears when Thorfinn refused to kill Askeladd in his sleep and instead waited to challenge him to a fair(ish) duel. I did find it a bit funny how he's trying to somewhat uphold Thors noble manner and right after Bjorn told him that's basically what got Thors killed anyway.

    The episode did what I thought would take forever, it peaked my interest ever so slightly in how Thorfinn grows from here. The sooner he gets accustomed to reality the better.
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    Episode 5.
    Oh, fun. Waste my time with some anime original bullshit instead of skipping to when he's not an obnoxious little twit.

    Great choice...
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    this show is on my radar, will wait for it to end before watching. Hopefully it's gonna be good...
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    That's implying that he doesn't become even more of an obnoxious little twit.
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  7. Gens

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    Posted by Gens on Aug 11, 2019

    Man, this was absolutely perfect in showing Thorfin's descent into losing his humanity and just not caring anymore, all for the sake of revenge. They did a really nice job with the original content smoothing out the transition of his loss of innocence. That tinge of regret when he noticed the old lady while he was killing shit, ouch man, ouch. There's no going back for this kid after the taste of murder. I think you kind of have to feel bad to some degree, he's being taken advantage of and manipulated by his father's killer all because of his one track mind so he's pretty easy to control.

    Also, motherfucking THORKELL NEXT EPISODE I THINK. Y'all guys have no idea how hyped I am for his introduction next week.
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    Just watched 4 episodes of this, I have been missing out, there is nothing else airing now on par with this, I'm always late to the good stuff.........

    I just knew that little brat was gonna sneak on the ship. I'll let it slide because I've seen a lot of shows and he just fit the bill for the kind of kid to stow away. From the people in show's perspective, they don't have TV so I can see them not having the foresight there,me personally, I wasn't leaving until I was 100% sure he wasn't on either boat, it was zero surprise when he finally emerged.

    To make things worse, in the middle of the fight he starts spouting crap about how awesome his dad is, I knew right then and there (perhaps way before that) that he was gonna end up being a hostage. Maybe that doesn't matter because the dude that took him hostage was passed out in the middle of that, but it's natural to take the kid hostage in any case, him being there was his dad's undoing from the start.

    From the 1st episode I knew the dad's days were numbered, the OP basically shows as much with the focus on the grown up kid pissed off at the world. SO every second I was just thinking of what scenario was going to end up in Thors dying. And it's sad because he was such a bad ass, I don't think I've seen much if any anime characters cooler than that guy, and he had to go so soon, all because of his brat son that has a glorified view of war and doesn't even know why. All the young men in Vinland were dumb asses to that extent, so growing up in that environment I can understand why the kid glorifies war...............everyone else except for his dad does.

    As of the end of ep four, I really do hate the brat. I hope he redeems himself and becomes a lead character worth rooting for. he's gat big shoes to fill in that regard..........fucking massive.
  9. randomredneck

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    Episode 6.
    Oh, fun. Some more anime original filler bullshit, combined with this boring ass chapter from the manga.

    Stop stalling and get to the good stuff!
  10. Ebonyslayer

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    Ep. 5+6,
    The path of revenge is not an easy one, with how Thorfinn is struggling to learn how to fend for himself. My brother says that Thorfinn reminds him a lot of Jorg from the Prince of Thorns book series, which has me pretty excited to read at some point. I wasn't expecting Thorfinn to do anything big during his duel with Askeladd, but its like Askeladd sees potential in the boy at the end. Thorfinn knows he needs to make a name for himself if he's going to get anywhere with his revenge, so now we're going to see how he makes a name.

    Thorfinn is now being a spy for Askeladd's group now that the story is going to focus on the politics and all the countries that wanted a piece of England. Thorfinn has pretty much made the daggers his weapon of choice. He is treated by a family, and by the end of it Thorfinn pretty much involved them in the massacre. And with that he's pretty much become a viking just like Askeladd's group.

    On another note I remember hearing that the author of Vinland Saga also worked on Planetes. From the amount I saw Planetes had a slow start to it, so I'll probably try continuing it in the future. Vinland Saga has definitely left a good impression on me, that much is certain.
  11. Hemfrik

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    Ep. 5-6

    Man, I am loving this.

    While the first 4 episode were decent, things really picked up once Thors got out of the way.
    Thorfinn is a glorious main character, and I think Ylva has taken the top spot for best waifu of all time.
    In fact, every primary or secondary character thus far (with the possible exception of Thors, but he served an important purpose for the plot) have been good or great.

    However, if the show uses Japanese to represent both english and whichever nordic language Thorfinn and the blokes are using in the same scene, how are we supposed to know which one is being spoken?
    Just let the english speak english, and sub if you really need to.
    Maybe the language barrier won't be a recurring thing, but still.

    I noticed that even the background fighters in the big battles seemed to be uniquely animated, which is quite impressive, although if I'm allowed to nitpick, the complete lack of battle formations (in favor of duels) is a bit distracting.
    What if one side brings more soldiers than the other, will they have to form a queue?
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    Okay, so weird confession: the reason I put off watching Vinland Saga for so long was because I

    knew Thors was going to die and I didn't want to see it happen. Now that the other shoe has dropped, it's smooth sailing from here. I was going to make jokes about how Thorfinn ruined the word "father" for me, no thanks to his useless wailing and cheerleading, but then I got to the end of the episode. His declaration of war there gave me chills, especially since he got that killing look in his eyes. It's unfortunate he didn't learn anything from the examples Thors was trying to set for him, but he's a kid, he's not supposed to understand much yet. He still thinks in black and white (the winner is always the stronger one who lives, the loser is always the weaker one who dies), so of course he isn't about to understand why Thors, the strongest man he's ever known, had to die.

    That said, I'm excited for Askeladd now. I remember him being one of the most complex characters I know and I can't wait to see him flesh out his relationship with Thorfinn from here.
  13. Gens

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    He's basically the best character to me in the show actually. Also, wait........have you read the manga? You're making it sound like you have lol
  14. Franconator

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    Yeah, but only up to a point. I stopped reading the minute Vinland Saga became Farmland Saga. That's why I was hyped for the anime adaptation. I'm more into watching anime instead of reading manga these days.
  15. Gens

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    Yeah sound and animation add a lot to the experience. I still love reading manga because anime can't quite capture all the high detail of the art but I do prefer seeing it in animation too.
  16. Franconator

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    Not to mention the voice acting is pretty dope. Thors is so manly, I feel like I could grow a beard just listening to him talk.
  17. g3data

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    Don't let that stop you. "Farmland Saga" is perhaps the ultimate manga pleb filter.
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    Man What is the budget for this thing, Best example how to incorporate 3D animation with normal animation. Kudos Wit studio. and whats with Mappa intro with WIT logo.
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    Underrated MVP of the series has got to be Ylva, without a doubt. Who else would go get a husband for practical reasons?


    Thors' children really are something else. Man, I'd hate to be fodder for some angry kid's character development. Especially if that development's set to only the saddest background music ever.
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    My question exactly.

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